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This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers. However , all such rankings should be used with caution. First, it is difficult to define the difference between a language and ...

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May 17, 2016 ... See how many of these most common languages you can name before ... this list is composed of native speakers — so people who learned Mandarin in ... Portuguese speakers worldwide, nearly 150 million of them speak ...

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Chinese, Mandarin [cmn], China, 14, 897. Chinese, Min Bei [mnp], China, 2, 10.9. Chinese, Min Dong [cdo], China, 6, 9.11. Chinese, Min Nan [nan], China, 11 ...

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Estimates of how many people speak a language are quite general and can vary ... The totals given for Chinese, Arabic, and French include more than one SIL ...

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Worldwide it would be 1.3 billion* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi ... The word Chinese is a catchall for the many languages or dialects spoken in China.

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Jun 26, 2008 ... So many people have a working knowledge of Arabic, in fact, that in 1974 it was ..... There are Mandarin speaking Chinese in every country.

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Feb 23, 2015 ... It is estimated that 125 million people speak Japanese, most of whom ... The written language developed from Chinese many hundreds of ... Approximately 220 million people are native Portuguese speakers worldwide, with ...

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Nov 17, 2015 ... With the number of Chinese people living in the U.S., Canada, and other ... main regions who still speak Cantonese), Chinese flashcards are a good ..... Many older Hongkongese generations do not understand Mandarin .... There are a lot more ppl can understand Mandarin than Cantonese worldwide...so ...

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Jun 30, 2016 ... All rights reserved worldwide. Examples for interpretation of the data: - There are 277,125,947 Spanish speaking people using the Internet, this represents 7.7 ... How many people can actually use the global language? ... that the six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, ...

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1500 million people worldwide speak English, of whom only 375 million are native ... The most spoken languages worldwide (speakers and native speaker in millions) ... EnglishChineseHindiSpanishFrenchArabicRussianPortuguese Bengali ...

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In how many countries people speak...? On this ... based on various data sources , but they give an overview of which languages are most used worldwide. In this ... Should the various dialects of spoken Chinese considered as one Language?

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Languages let the people to express their views by just speaking or writing. ... If we talk about the percentage total then, in the whole world population, 14.1% people speak Mandarin. ... The fifth most spoken worldwide language is Arabic. ... There are many other languages too which covers the world population, such that ...

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Chinese tops the list of most popular world languages, with over one billion ... The macrolanguage Chinese [zho] includes 13 individual languages with at least  ...