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Mark XIX Desert Eagle in .50 Action Express with Picatinny rail ... 9 rounds (.357); 8 rounds (.41 and .44); 7 rounds (.440 Cor-bon and .50 AE) .... and .44 Magnum XIX version have exterior barrel f... Many Rounds Does a Desert Eagle Hold&v=iVuRLztDljY
Aug 10, 2012 ... Shooting the Desert Eagle .50 Caliber One Handed. ... 6" barrel, 7 round ... He's shaking just trying to hold the damn thing and he looks like an average man in the U.S. How heavy is that sucker? ... Seen far too many accidents. ... With firearms, you don't do things that could make that one time deadly. Many Rounds Does a Desert Eagle Hold&v=nKVeJMr-z_4
May 12, 2012 ... Link to the full video called Desert Eagle .50 Cal Shooting: ... 6" barrel, 7 round ... Micro Desert Eagle .380 ACP Pocket Pistol Video Link:

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Desert Eagle. Pretty cool gun. Finicky with ammo. Really does not like lightly loaded rounds. Mine does fairly well with the ammo I reload for it using starline ...

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The page where I try to explain why do I think that the Desert Eagle Pistol is not a ... Well, hunting too :), though many argue about hunting with DE, hundreds of DE .... by that first round, all the attention goes not to aiming, but "HOW DO I HOLD ...

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The Desert Eagle feeds from detachable box magazines - it does not use clips. Magazine capacity varies by calibre. The .50 Action Express and .440 Cor-Bon ...

How many bullets does a desert eagle hold - Answers

As many as you can shoot into em, sweetheart. Answer: A regular DE (not baby) . 357 - 9 (1+8), .44 8 (1+7), 0.50 8 (1+7).

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Jan 22, 2012 ... You're going to need a bigger handgun safe; the Desert Eagle isn't just a large pistol, ... into the Desert Eagle does nothing to directly counter muzzle rise. ... Which doesn't account for the irrefutable fact that while many rumors are ... To accommodate such big rounds, the handle needs to be extremely th...

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My Desert Eagle pistol will not chamber or my bolt does not close fully, why is this ... conventional rifling, which is probably why many Desert Eagle owners claim ...

Baby Desert Eagle II, .45ACP, Steel, Semi-compact, 10 round

BE4500RS “Baby” Desert Eagle® II, .45 ACP, Semi-compact, Steel Frame Pistol MSRP: $656.00 NEW 2012!! Black with rail, 3.93” barrel, 10 round.

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Q: How many bullets does a desert eagle hold?
A: As many as you can shoot into em, sweetheart. Answer: A regular DE (not baby) .357 - 9 (1+8) .44 8 (1+7) 0.50 8 (1+7) Read More »
Q: How many bullets does a desert eagle hold?
A: It does from 10-16 damage and can hold 8 bullets. It takes 5 actions to Read More »
Q: How many bullets does a desert eagle handgun holds?
A: Depends on caliber, .357 is 9 (1+8), .44 is 8 (1+7), and the big one, .50 caliber, is 8 (1+7). Kicks. Read More »
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Aug 19, 2014 ... The Desert Eagle can fire up to 7 rounds of .50 A.E. ammunition (or .440 ... handgun is enough, that is if your hand is large enough to hold it.

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The Desert Eagle .50 is not in use by any agency around the world. ... It does make sense to use the smallest caliber that will cosnsitently do the job .... I looked at that S&W .50 cal revolver and it explained how it's rounds have a ..... DougC, I still hold that any true .50 BMG handgun is a monumental whoosh.