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Based on the inflation rate calculator recommended by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), one dollar in 1974 had approximately five times the spending power of a dollar in 2014....

What Things Cost in 1974
Average Prices in 1974
Car: $4,440
House: $38,900
Gas: $0.53
Bread: $0.28
Gallon of Milk: $1.39
Stamp: 10 cents

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How Much things cost in 1974. Yearly Inflation Rate USA 11.3% Yearly Inflation Rate UK 17.2% Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 616. Average ...

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The average price of items during each year of the 70s. ... Item, 1970, 1971, 1972 , 1973, 1974, 1975. Postage Stamp, 0.06, 0.08, 0.08, 0.08, 0.10, 0.10.

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Cost of a new car: $. Median Household Income: $16,461.00. Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.15. Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $0.86. Cost of a dozen eggs: ...

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What Happened In 1974, News. ... Inflation spiral - Surging food and fuel costs drive wholesale prices 2.2% in December - giving 1973 an 18.2% rise in prices ...

1974 vs 2014: how cinema costs 'grew faster than house prices ...


Oct 13, 2014 ... The average price in 1974 was £9,927 but prices had expanded to £186,544 ... However, the study did acknowledge that central London prices ...

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Feb 7, 2010 ... How much did other things cost back then? ... Minimum wage 1974 $2.00 (in 1996 dollars that's $6.37) ... How Much things cost in 1973

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How much did a certain item (movie ticket, ounce of Gold) cost way back when? ... How much did a gallon of gasoline cost back in 1956? ... $0.53 in 1974

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Jun 26, 2014 ... Famous people who were also born in 1974. Leonardo ... bagpuss. shopping costs in 1974 ... average weekly wage for full time workers in 1974. Men – £ ... I'm afraid I don't remember any of this being oh so much younger :p Hope you had a brilliant birthday x. Reply ... Foodies100 Index of UK Food Blogs

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Q: How much did things cost in 1974 UK?
A: Don't forget that wages were also 10 times less than they are today.I bought a car in 1974 , it was 18 months old and cost £1150, it was an Austin Maxi Highline... Read More »
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Q: How much did a Chevrolet nova cost in 1974?
A: I have a 1974 nova CUSTOM(4-door) 350 with (ac) and it costed $3125 from the dealership in November 1974. I still have the original bill of sale. Read More »
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Q: How much did a postage stamp cost in 1974?
A: 8 cents First class postage rate was 8 cents until March 2, 1974. Then it was raised to 10¢ for the first ounce. A postcard cost 8 cents. Read More »
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Q: How much did a loaf of bread cost in 1974?
A: In the year 1974, gas was 53 cents per gallon and a loaf of bread cost 28 Read More »
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Q: How much did braces cost in 1974?
A: Hello there. Nowadays, Braces cost over $4,000 depending on how much your Ortho Read More »
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