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The Changing Prices of stuff in 80 years comparison of prices over ...


How Prices have changed for goods, services and homes in 80 years. ... one of the many things it shows is inflation as measured by basic food and just 1 gallon  ...

Our Current Price Basket of Goods, Services and Cost Of Living


The prices today including Food, Gas, other and Housing and interest rates. ... This is much higher than the published inflation figures and we believe that it ... been effected by real world prices and wage stagnation during the past few years . ..... I did not include current prices alongside our cost of living information for each ...

The History Of What Things Cost In America: 1776 to Today - 24/7 ...


Sep 16, 2010 ... Similarly, most Americans do not own horses now, but many did in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. In this way, the goods and services ...

Comparing the cost of living between 1975 and 2015: You are being ...


Aug 4, 2015 ... Yet somehow, the data used to measure inflation misses much of what is ... There is an interesting chart looking at the cost of items in 1975 versus today: ... Often only one toy for each and the rest was things like p.j.'s and robes that ... (Back in the dim past, it was cheap gimmicks like X-ray specs, Charles ...

A Glimpse at Your Expenses 100 Years Ago | Personal Finance | US ...


Jan 2, 2015 ... Everything cost much less – but, of course, you also earned a lot less. ... From income to food, see what has changed over the past 10 decades. .... cellphones, the average household isn't relying on stamps the way it once did.

What Did Things Cost in 1860? - Choosing Voluntary Simplicity


I gathered this information and these prices from entries in a journal that my great -great (I'd have to figure ... I “inherited” many of these journals… lucky me… they make for some fun reading. Written by Shirley Filed Under: Glimpse into the Past.

Historic Prices | Morris County Library


Some things were invented along the way (such as televisions) and others were selected ... How much did it cost to stock Thanksgiving tables in Morris County?

Then vs. now: How prices have changed since 1999 - AOL Finance


Dec 29, 2009 ... Remember the giddy year of 1999, when many of us were convinced we were ... to see how the years have affected the price of 50 things we buy, or wish we could buy. ... How have your fortunes fared in the past ten years?

BBHQ: Prices – Then and Now - Baby Boomer HeadQuarters


A can of Coke in 1962 did not exist; a bottle did, but a bottle of Coke that cost ten cents contained six ... Fourth, many things that we use every day did not even exist in the 60s. .... U.S. labor rates have skyrocketed over the past 40 years.

Now And Then: 20 Prices That Will Blow Your Mind - BuzzFeed


Aug 14, 2011 ... Especially when you see what it cost in 1960. That and everything else! You'll be amazed when you look back at what some things cost in 1960 ...