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Blockbuster LLC


Blockbuster LLC, also known as Blockbuster and formerly Blockbuster Video Entertainment, ..... However, when Blockbuster introduced the discontinuation of late fees, GameRush was put on the chopping...

Blockbuster Brings Back Late Fees - /Film


Mar 2, 2010 ... Blockbuster use to charge so much for late fees, that it totaled 10 percent ... of Blockbuster rentals are new releases, with the average customer ...

Hubris — and late fees — doomed Blockbuster - Business - Retail ...


Sep 23, 2010 ... In 2000 Blockbuster collected nearly $800 million in late fees, ... with its own DVD -by-mail service, its average revenue fell even further to just ...

Your late fees are waived: Blockbuster closes - CNN.com


Nov 7, 2013 ... If only Blockbuster could rewind back to the 1990s. ... And finally, "Hulu was launched, and your average Joe and Josephine were introduced to ...

Blockbuster Settles Suits On Late Fees - The New York Times


Jun 6, 2001 ... The claims cover late fees charged between Jan. ... The procedures can also be viewed at www.blockbuster.com, by clicking on the button ...

Blockbuster rent: Blockbuster changes movie-rental prices - latimes


May 28, 2011 ... Blockbuster changes movie-rental prices ... Redbox charges 99 cents for rentals every day, including the first. Previously, Blockbuster, the ...

Blockbuster reinstates late fees on video rentals | Dallas Morning ...


Mar 3, 2010 ... "This is an incentive to get movies back faster so others can rent them and to get the ... About 80 percent of Blockbuster's rentals are new releases and, on average, customers ... Blockbuster stopped charging late fees on Jan.

Blockbuster Late Fees - 27b/6


I find it annoying to pay late fees on movies and I am too lazy to return them on ... Dear Blockbuster member, we know you have our DVD's and we want them back . ... Matthew's statement was that he did not know the quality before he got them but in ... If you cant locate the DVDs, you will be charged for the replacement cost.

Top 423 Complaints and Reviews about Blockbuster | Page 4


Like so many others, I have had one issue after another with Blockbuster since ... My credit card statement did not indicate that I had been charged for the game .... I don't know when it started, but now they charge late fees, that add up to way ...

Blockbuster to Stop Charging Late Fees (washingtonpost.com)


Dec 15, 2004 ... Blockbuster to Stop Charging Late Fees ... After the grace period is up, customers can still return a movie for up to 30 days, ... track of how many days they've had their latest rental sitting on the entertainment center at home.

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To Boost Business, Blockbuster Eases Policy on Late Fees - WSJ


Blockbuster plans to eliminate late fees on game and movie rentals, though ... Fees average about $4, but vary depending on whether it's a new release or older ... Blockbuster will automatically charge the renter's account the cost of buying the ...

Terms & Conditions - Blockbuster


Prices of goods and services and delivery and other charges displayed on the ... Terms and Conditions herein, you agree that late delivery does not constitute a ...

Late fees are back at Blockbuster; good luck with that - AOL


Mar 3, 2010 ... If you still rent movies at Blockbuster, beware the return of late fees. ... All this is meant to bring Blockbuster more in line with rival Red Box, but how can it compete with ... This quarter may be worth much more than you think.