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Feb 22, 2007 ... What does it take to become a music producer? ... Becoming a music producer sounds exciting to many young people, but they just don't ... instrument parts are clashing, and ways to make the song more memorable or catchy.

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Apr 25, 2015 ... It does seem that rap producers' earnings peaked around 2000 and have only declined since. In this video, Timbaland says he...

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Working as a music producer is no small feat. You oversee virtually everything involved in the production of a recording. You schedule studio time, handle ...

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Moseley describes the many facets of his position by saying, “As a Producer it means ... We'll have the song structure written down, and if we want to make a quick ... Sometimes if I need to, I'll do some extra programming on a song, some ...

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Music Producers earn an average hourly wage of $28.59. Hourly wages typically start from $11.91 and go up to $44.35. Music Producers earn an average salary ...

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Record producers in the modern music industry need, more than ever, to keep on top of ... the artist is also called upon to do the same in their recording contract. ... So, for instance, an artist earning a 17 percent royalty (under their recording contract) ... production and programming, many producers collaborate with artists on ...

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Dec 16, 2013 ... Music producers are being paid in two ways – either a flat fee or ... be recorded, the average number of tracks the producer worked on and most ...

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Mar 24, 2014 ... The following comes from Nick Thayer, a producer signed to Skrillex's OWSLA label. .... Share the links to their music on your Facebook or Twitter or re-post ..... Because nobody gives a shit how much money you make, how ...

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Figuring out how much you should pay a producer is tough - it varies by genre and ... Music producers make a big impact the you album - they can also make a big ... that people deserve to be fairly compensated for the work that they do for you ...

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Oct 13, 2013 ... how-much-do-music-producers-make Music producers work hand-in-hand with recording artists and musicians to orchestrate the best possible ...

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As of Jan 2016, the average pay for a Music Producer is $25.86/hr or $49781 ... People who have worked for fewer than five years earn around $49K, and folks ...

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What does a music producer do? Music ... Most producers have an appreciation for many different kinds of music and often see live musical performances.

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Music Producer job description, requirements and salary information. ... Average Annual Earnings: $49,000 ... comes to necessary experience and skills, Luksa says, “there is no right path or specific skill set that will make you a great Producer.