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Jun 17, 2015 ... 10-do-comic-books-pay-enough-to-pay- ... More than half of floppy artists make enough money for that to be their only job. ... Finally, here's another much linked to piece, from artist Brian Churilla, creator of Hellbreak and The ...

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Aug 9, 2013 ... DO NOT UNDERCHARGE for your skill level. ... "Top comic book artists reportedly make around $500 per page; that figure varies depending on the .... You're never going to make much money selling your comics if they suck.

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Top rates can vary greatly depending on the sales of the individual project that an artist works ... Most artists have much lower rates, though, and if they're on a monthly book of mid-level popularity, the earnings are closer to $60-$70k per year.

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Oct 15, 2015 ... John Romita sits on exalted perch in the comic book industry today ... 1960s and ' 70s, and as Marvel Comics' art director for many years, ... It was never used; it was pretty bad, but he helped young artists all the time. ... IN 2015 MONEY: Brereton would be making $100.73 per page on granny's kitchen table.

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Jan 27, 2015 ... To learn more about what the average career of a comic book illustrator is like, ... So, I pretty much trained myself to do it by staying in my room and drawing all day , ... People seem to think comic artists are rich; this could not be further from the truth! ... What kind of money can one expect to make at your job?

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You have a good chance with a a comic book career. ... several copies of a single comic book; the idea was that they would sell them for an amazing profit at a later time. ... In order to find work, many comic book artists need to seek out authors and ... Make a Script Come to Life as a Storyboard Artist; Tired of Boring Photos?

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For practical reasons, survey responses are gathered from any comics ... “ BlueWater Productions/Comics aka Storm Comics – They do not pay and ... treat their artists as disposable and funnel all the money toward guest covers ... The only way to make that profitable is to flat myself & double my hours or to triple my books.

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Jan 10, 2016 ... In comics, many people are paid per comics page they do and how much work they ... This is where the creator is given a flat amount of money based on ... and ink a page in a day, making them monthly artists — at a full-time rate. ... rich on the backs of the creative people who make the books worth buying.

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Jun 16, 2015 ... In the past, artists have told me life is much easier when inking and coloring digitally. ... So what does that tell us about comic artists in 2015, at least so far? ... On a case-by-case basis, artists can make great money, but on the .... deal, paying an artist who works on a book for them $75 a page while still ...

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Make contacts and keep writing and submitting your material to whoever you can find that will read it. ... Q: How much money do comic book writers get paid?

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Oct 13, 2014 ... One of our hottest questions is one that revolves around money. How much does an artist or a writer make? How much should they make.

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What Kind of Education Do You Need to Have a Career as a Comic Book Artist ... ways self-employed comic artists can earn more is by syndicating their comic strips. ... Once a comic artist establishes a base of readers, she can earn money by ...

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The category of comic book artists comprises thousands of amateurs and ... will get fewer job opportunities, and less money, than an artist who draws a fast rate.