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A tour manager (or concert tour manager) is the person who helps to organize the ... technical and hospitality requirements of the artist and make an offer to the  ...

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The job of a Tour Manager is to make sure that life on the road runs smoothly for ... This means getting the band safely to venues and hotels, managing money coming in and ... Norman, like many Tour Managers, started off as a musician himself. ... If you have some aptitude for what you do then there comes a time where the ...

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Apr 28, 2016 ... How much does a Tour Manager make? The average Tour Manager salary is $55,199. Filter by location to see Tour Manager salaries in your ...

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“I do sometimes take wicked pleasure in the fact that I get paid to do this,” says ... Most tour managers find situations by word-of-mouth because agencies don't ... Benefits are nonexistent, and having to save receipts – many of which are the ...

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Experienced tour managers can expect to earn between £25,000 and £30,000. .... See the following websites for contact details of many of the tour operators: ... Do your research to make sure that courses you are interested in meet your ...

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Jun 15, 2011 ... "Your main job as a tour manager is to make sure the band gets paid. ... to join the band instead of joining the football team), they really do want to be babysat. ... Then splurge and hit up a Cracker Barrel with the money you've saved." ... "I'd say 75% of the time, communication isn't too m...

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Many tour guides earn an excellent living and they receive great perks too. ... The tips are normally $20 per day as a minimum, but you do get benefits, and these ... Tour Directors/Managers: Trained and experienced tour directors normally earn ... to these payments, so the larger the group, the more money you will make.

This Band Just Finished A 28 Day Tour And Made How Much?!


Nov 25, 2014 ... But the phrase “made it” does not properly describe Pomplamoose. ... members ( front of house engineer and tour manager) cost us $8794. ... If you're making a living as an indie band, a tour sponsor is a ..... There's absolutely no reason to ever make that much money on the road and come home in the red.

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Nov 28, 2012 ... If you are curious as to how much money you could be earning from your music, producing other people's music or working as part of the road ...

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The idea of using a concert tour manager is to make sure the tour is running ... Great, but how much is it going to cost you to do those shows? Touring ... By anticipating these problems the tour manager will save the tour both time AND money.

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Tour managers make sure things go smoothly on the road. ... Like many jobs in the music industry, there is a big divide between the work done by tour managers  ...

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Many of the tour managers Kelly knows were friends with the band and agreed to ... Do it for the music, not the money .... Take the survey and earn more money.

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Road managers, also called tour managers, are responsible for everything ... They rent, fix and transport equipment and make sure it's set up and taken down ... the same work that band managers do year-round, but they do it on the road. ... about union rates when you're hiring...and know how much time they need to set up ....