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High-rise syndrome


High-rise syndrome is the phenomenon of cats falling from higher than two stories ... alive when brought to a veterinarian clinic, show that the overall survival rate is 90 ... During a fall from a ...

Flea Products Dangerous to Cats - Petfinder


Learn about the dangers of dog flea products on cats here. ... Immediate treatment offers the best chance of survival. ... Confusion can also result from similar packaging for different types of spot-on flea control products, only some of which are ...

Spotted Cats - National Wildlife Federation


And can you find the spotted cats above right–and name them? (See answers ... Spots help a cat blend in with splotches of shade and sunlight–making it harder to spot! And that ... Small numbers of cheetahs also live in central Asia. Cool Cat  ...

3 Ways to Cool Your Cat Down in the Summer - wikiHow


Sep 25, 2015 ... A cat that becomes overheated in summer can suffer from dehydration ... You can help your cat cool down by making a cool, dark spot for her to ...

Finding a Lost Cat - Missing Pet Network


A cat can hide in a very small space, so look carefully. ... Cats will choose the first likely spot when they first stop running, and find a better spot later. ... Ask rescue groups to help you find people who manage feral cat colonies between the new ...

The Secret Lives of Feral Cats | Science | Smithsonian


May 31, 2011 ... Free-roaming, unowned kitties live differently from our beloved pets. ... Feral cats can roam over great distances, a new study finds (image courtesy of flickr ... In winter, they preferred urban spots, forests and farmland, all places that would provide greater shelter from bad weather and help them keep warm.

Facts About Leopards - LiveScience


Nov 26, 2014 ... These large cats can live in almost any type of habitat, including rainforests, deserts, ... The leopard's spots are called rosettes because they look like roses. .... Dropbox Teams with Microsoft to Help You Be More Productive.

How to Keep an Outdoor Cat Cool in the Summer - Cats


In some areas of the United States, summer days can hit temperatures in the 90s ... for your cat to overheat and grow ill, so learn how to spot the warning signs and help her stay cool. ... Here are just a few ways to help your cat escape the heat: ... so we took her in, but we can't take in her two surviving siblings, her mum, her ...

Jaguar Facts | Big Cat Rescue


Jul 27, 2015 ... The difference lies in the center of the Jaguars rosettes, because unlike the leopard, the Jaguar has spots inside of its rosettes! ... Jaguars differ from all the other cats in their method of killing. ... This will help researchers determine local populations and their habits so that land ..... I live in Central Arkan...

How to Calm a Nervous Kitty | Animal Planet


Jan 23, 2013 ... Knowing why a cat is nervous can help you sort out the best treatment. ... you can' t acclimate your kitty if you live somewhere noisy or have kids.

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Why do leopards have spots? - UCSB Science Line - University of ...


Spots, stripes, and other markings help to break up the outline of objects. ... Why do you think house-cats can be so many different colors? ... The coloration on leopards and many other animals has evolved because it helps them survive better.

Cats and Their Coats - National Geographic Education


Elicit from students that most big cats live throughout parts of Africa and Asia, and their ... the coats of big cats and how coats help big cats survive in different habitats. ... They can think about their favorite vacation spot, an activity they like to do, ...

Cancer in Cats: Types, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment


WebMD veterinary expert answers commonly asked questions about cancer in cats, including how common it is, what the symptoms are, and what the survival ...

Physical Features - Snow Leopard Trust


A snow leopard's extra large paws help keep the cat from sinking into the snow. ... is white, yellowish and smoky grey speckled with dark-grey to black spots and  ...

Lost Indoor-Only or Timid Cats - Sonic.net


If your cat remains frozen in place and does not make any move to return, slowly and ... In this defensive mode, your kitty believes that in order to survive, everything and ... When your cat first ran, it looked for the first safe spot it could find.