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Mar 25, 2014 ... Crayfish are one of my favorite live baits for smallmouth bass in late spring and throughout summer. Rather than catch them as needed, I like to ...

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May 13, 2014 ... Week 37 How to Catch Crawfish, Purge Them, Keep Them Alive Till Your Ready to Eat Them, Make Craw - Duration: 11:07. ZombiesinBigSur ...

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How to Keep Crawfish Alive Before Boiling. By Fred Decker. Crawfish are sweet, freshwater crustaceans that closely resemble lobsters. Like lobsters, they are ...

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STORING AND KEEPING YOUR LIVE CRAWFISH ALIVE. You might have to keep your itty bitty Cajun buddies a day or two longer and are wondering how to do ...

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They are also known as crawdads, crayfish, and mudbugs, (they don't eat mud, they just live in it sometimes and ... How do I keep crawfish alive until I boil them?

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Oh you're fine. For maximum freshness, follow the advice from (this one is better, no spurious exclamation points!) this online FAQ. How do I keep ...

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Check to make sure they are alive. We recommend a thorough rinsing of crawfish . Keep them in the sack, place them in shade and rinse with cool water (NOT ...

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Fish are not handled the same way that you would crabs and crawfish. ... and crawfish must be kept under conditions that will keep them alive until cooking.

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Nov 14, 2016 ... This post will talk about how to keep crawfish alive at home and for fishing, with good advice on how to use it as bait.

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Worms are all-purpose fishing bait and are probably the easiest to store and keep. Anglers will find the least difficulty in keeping them alive. Crawfish are ...