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The rising fastball is an effect perceived by batters, but is known to ... It is possible for a rising fastball to be thrown by a submarine ...

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Oct 4, 2010 ... Is it scientifically possible to throw a rising fastball? ... Over the top you can not throw a rising fastball it's a myth, however just like John said a ...

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Step-by-step guide (with video) on how to throw a Rising Fastball with a Blitzball backyard baseball. Blitzballs work like real baseballs and make MLB pitches ...

The myth of the rising fastball and searching for the ideal baseball ...


For years batters swore that some pitchers could throw a rising fastball. The laws of physics say this is impossible. Instead, it's an illusion caused when the ...

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Jun 18, 2012 ... This is a third-inning four-seamer by Hellickson thrown at 90.3 mph and with 2.45 inches of arm-side run and 7.49 inches of rise: ...

Four Seam Fastball Grip


This grip is usually called either a rising fastball or just a fastball. It is also ... After the 2 seamer, this is the most common pitch thrown in baseball. Some type of ...

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Apr 20, 2006 ... ... to catch, curveballs are hard to hit, and rising fastballs are mere illusions. ... But technically, this pitch cannot exist if thrown overhand--it's ...

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The majority of pitchers who THINK they are throwing a rise ball do not throw it with ... If your fastball speed isn't at least in the mid-50's, it is too early for you to ...

10 The Rising Fastball and Other Perceptual Illusions of Batters


three-quarter curveball, the sinking fastball (thrown three-quarter or sidearm, ... The rising fastball could be defined variously as a pitch where the ball (1).

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Rising Fastball - In baseball, type of fastball thrown in a manner which appearsto rise as perceived by the batter.

How to Throw a High-Rising Fastball
The high-rising fastball is believed to be one of the most overpowering pitches in baseball. Many batters and fans once believed that a strong fastball could actually travel upward as it crosses the plate, but this has been disproven, according to... More »
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Is It Possible For A Fastball To Rise - The Rising Fastball


Unfortunately, even the best of the gas throwers in the Major League only put out about half the force, which makes a rising fastball an impossible pitch to throw.

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"No," says Bill James, author of the The Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers. "A fastball can't rise unless it's thrown underhand. But if you throw the fastball overhand ...

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How to Throw a High-Rising Fastball. The high-rising fastball is believed to be one of the most overpowering pitches in baseball. Many batters and fans once ...