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Less-expensive clamp meters use a rectifier circuit which ... This type of ammeter can measure both AC and DC currents and ...

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Feb 3, 2011 ... Using a clamp-on ammeter to determine current flow in an extension cord. Visit www.NoShockZone.org for more articles about electrical safety.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=How to Use a Clamp on AMP Meter&v=WDTVE7lxJQ8
Dec 24, 2013 ... In this episode I quickly go over how to use a current meter or ... a display..... or a clamp meter which is also a multitester / multimeter device.

How to Use a Clamp Ammeter | DoItYourself.com


When you are having problems within your alternating current, a clamp on ammeter is a great tool to help you troubleshoot and pinpoint the problem.

How to Use an AC Clamp Meter - MPJA.COM


Clamp Meters when reading current are a “Non Contact” meter meaning there is no ... Please see “How to Use a Digital Multimeter” for further Information.

Clamp Meter ABCs - Test Equipment Depot


meter. Like the multimeter, the clamp meter has passed through the analog period .... Use a flexible current probe for situations like this, where large conductors ...

Using a clamp-on amp-meter... - Electronics | DSLReports Forums


Forum discussion: I've just purchased a clamp-on amp-meter. ... I know how to use it to measure current on a 110v circuit - just clamp around ...

How to measure current with a digital multimeter plus clamp accessory


Select a clamp accessory for your multimeter that is designed to measure that specific current or one ... In a pinch, use your DMM and clamp as a gauss meter ...

Using Accessory Current Clamps with Fluke DMMs


To use these clamps with a Fluke DMM, the meter must have a milliamp input jack. ... These clamps have an output of 1 millivolt ac per amp ac for ac current ...

Fluke Clamp Meters, Amp Meters and Clamp On Ammeters


Fluke clamp meters (amp meters) give fast accurate noise-free readings. ... Use a Fluke Connect compatible current clamp module, or any of the other Fluke ...

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Proper use of clamp meters in commercial and residential settings


2 Fluke Corporation Proper use of a clamp meter in commercial and residential settings test tool. In commercial ... cally draw 10-13 amps, so there should be a ...

Back to basics: How to measure electricity with a clamp meter


A clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a basic digital multimeter with a ... Fluke clamps use proprietary technology to filter out electrical “noise” and ...

Clamp Meter Operation - Measuring Tip & Glossary - KYORITSU


When making current measurements with the ordinary multimeter, we need to cut wiring and connect the instrument to the circuit under test as shown in Fig.1.