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Hydrochloric acid


Hydrochloric acid is a clear, colorless, highly pungent solution of hydrogen chloride ..... process is the pyrohydrolysis process, applying the following formula: .

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Jul 28, 2008 ... for example the formula for copper sulfate is CuSO4 plz i need an answer b4 tomorrow.

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Chemical Names: Hydrochloric acid; Hydrogen chloride; Muriatic acid; Chlorohydric acid; 7647-01-0; Acide chlorhydrique; More... Molecular Formula: ClH.

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Hydrochloric acid. Molecular FormulaHCl; Average mass36.461 Da; Monoisotopic mass35.976677 Da; ChemSpider ID307 ...

Space-filling model of hydrochloric acid, HCl. More »
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Hydrochloric acid is a strong acid that contains a hydrogen and a chlorine atom per molecule. It is an important acid commercially and...



HYDROCHLORIC ACID, SOLUTION ... HYDROCHLORIC ACID is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride, an acidic gas. Reacts .... Chemical Formula: HCl ...

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(HCl), a compound of the elements hydrogen and chlorine, a gas at room temperature and ... The reaction, represented by the equation H 2 + Cl 2 → 2HCl,  ...

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Molecular formula, HCl in water (H2O) ... The chemical compound hydrochloric acid (or muriatic acid) is the aqueous (water-based) solution of hydrogen ...

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Hydrochloric acid is corrosive to the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. ... (4); The chemical formula for hydrochloric acid is HCl, and its molecular weight is ...

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Q: What is hydrochloric acid formula
A: The chemical formula for hydrochloric acid is HCl. Thanks for using... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: Hydrochloric acid formula and use?
A: HCl. Your stomach uses hydrochloric acid in the digestive process. Read More »
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Q: What is the formula/product when you add methylsalicylate to Hydr...
A: I'm guessing this is hydrolysis of an ester so products will be methanol (CH3OH) & salicylic acid (C6H4OHCOOH) (methyl salicylate C6H4OHCOOCH3) Read More »
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Q: What is the formula for hydrochloric acid?
A: HCl Hydrochloric acid is composed of molecules of one hydrogen (H) and one chlorine (Cl) dissolved in water (H2O). Some of the molecules separate into H+ and Cl... Read More »
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Q: What is the formula for hydrochloric acid?
A: Hydrogen chloride is a common synonym for hydrochloric acid.vThe chemical formula for hydr... Read More »
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