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The halogens or halogen elements are a group in the periodic table consisting of five .... Hydrogen fluoride is the only hydrogen halide that forms hydrogen bonds. ... However, there are some interh...

What Element in the Halide Family is a Liquid?


Mar 5, 2016 ... Only one halide element is a liquid at room temperature and pressure. Can you name this halogen?

What is the only element in the halide family that is liquid



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Periodic Table or Periodic Chart of Elements showing Halogen group. ... Halogens are the only periodic table group exhibiting all three states of matter. Point at ...

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ATOMIC AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF THE GROUP 7 ELEMENTS (THE HALOGENS) ... The only factor which is going to affect the size of the atom is therefore the number of ... fluorine and chlorine are gases at room temperature, bromine is a liquid and iodine a solid. .... Bond enthalpies in the hydrogen halides, HX(g).

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It gives off noxious fumes and is the only liquid element other than mercury at room ... It belongs to the alkaline earth family of metals, including beryllium, ...

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Mercury is the only metal element liquid at room temperature. ... Please note ( especially if you are a StarKist corporate lawyer) that I am not singling out this ... The high efficiency of metal halide bulbs means that it gives off as much light as a  ...

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Bromine is one of only two liquid elements. ... Chemical reactivity decreases throughout this family of elements, with fluorine being ... Simple compounds of the halogens are called halides. ..... But as to the form in seaweed, I am not yet sure.

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The aluminum family consists of elements in Group 13 of the periodic table: boron (B), ... Boron is a metalloid (an element that has some of the properties of metals and some of ... Aluminum is being used more and more in automobiles because it is only ... mineral, and then passing an electric current through the hot liquid.

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Have fun learning chemisty, the elements, and the periodic table with these free ... hydrogen forms a diatomic gas, H2, with a boiling point of only 20.27 K and a ... the molecules lose their identity and the hydrogen becomes a liquid metal. ... is an exception: It does not react with water or steam, and its halides are covalent.

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HYDROGEN - I am not really an alkali metal, but since I have only 1 electron I behave like ... BROMINE - I am the only element in the halide family that is a liquid.

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only 1 electron I behave like them. second shell, and 6 in the third shell. 4. I am a ... in the 25. I am the only element in the halide family that 1s. fifth period. a liquid.

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Nov 3, 2008 ... ... "I am a transition metal with 30 electrons useful in making paint" 4 characters "I am the only element in the halide family that is a liquid" 7 ...