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An imp is a mythological being similar to a fairy or goblin, frequently described in folklore and superstition. Contents. [hide]. 1 Etymology; 2 History; 3 See also ...


Imps are considered to be the spawns of the devil. They serve their master ( mostly the devil, but t hey may be the familiar of a witch or warlock) ...


Imps are minor magical creatures with a big appetite for the spotlight. Always desirous of attention, they act out through practical jokes and small outbursts of ...


The creature known as an Imp is a sentient beast not more than two fores tall that is said to resemble a thin lizard-like goblin with wings. Additionally, the Imp has an unusual looking face that resembles a smooth, bone-like mask ..... Myth/Lore.


In some cultures imps are regarded as god's assistants. In the later part of the Middle Ages imps were associated with devils and witches. Many myths describe  ...


"imp" (folklore) definition: fairies that are somewhat mischievous. ... may refer to: Elf, a mythological creature, originally from Germanic mythology Light elves in ...


The power to use the abilities of imps. ... User with this ability either is or can transform into an Imp, a small lesser Demon, often shown as ... Mythological Mimicry.


The behavior of imps is said to be wild and often out of control, and many myths depict the creatures reveling in pranks and jokes, leading to the use of the word ...



Jul 24, 2013 ... In European mythology we typically have creatures like goblins and imps that are mischief-makers, but Europe isn't alone in this, of course.