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Pleistocene megafauna - Wikipedia


Pleistocene megafauna is the set of large animals that lived on Earth during the Pleistocene ... The last glacial period, commonly referred to as the 'Ice Age', spanned 125,000 to 14,500 yea...

The Bigger They Are: 10 Ice Age Giants | Mental Floss


Aug 12, 2008 ... During that period were several Ice Ages. Many giant sized animals and birds that seem familiar to us (because they resemble modern ...

Ice Age Animals - Illinois State Museum


During that time numerous types of animals inhabited the area that is now the ... from sites that date between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago (the last Ice Age).

What Types of Mammals Lived during the Ice Ages? - Mammoth ...


During the Ice Ages, there were mammals that are very familiar to us like deer, pack rats, ... Paleontologists have found fossils of each of the animals listed here.

BBC - Earth - The lost beasts that roamed Britain during the ice age


Jul 22, 2015 ... For the last 2.6 million years, ice sheets have repeatedly covered Britain and northern Europe. In these frozen wastes, strange giant animals ...

Ice Age Animals, California - American Museum of Natural History


During the last ice age, California was well south of where the ice sheets stopped . Much of the ice-free land was cooler than today, and too dry for forest growth.

BBC - Earth - Four amazing mummified animals from the ice age


Nov 5, 2014 ... The thick permafrost of Siberia hides the mummified remains of a menagerie of ice age animals. Here are four such mummies that tell us how ...

Ice Age Animals | Answers in Genesis


Many familiar animals possessed unusual traits during the Ice Age (hair on elephants?) or lived in unusual places (giant armadillos in Texas?). The main interest ...

Animals of the Ice Age | Mammals | Extinct | Picture | Sabertooth ...


If you think your winter walk to school is cold, just imagine what it would be like to live in an ice age. Kidzworld takes a look at animals that thrived in the ice age ...

Ice Age Animals | Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre


Ice age Beringia was home to a diverse, and yet unique, mix of strange and familiar animals. During the cold glacial times, icons like the woolly mammoth, ...

Prehistoric Animals
Prehistoric animals that roamed the earth at the time of the dinosaurs include the predecessors of many familiar creatures, including cats, birds, dogs, and other aquatic and avian reptiles.
Prehistoric Animals:
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Ice Age Mammals - EnchantedLearning.com


During the last Ice Age, there were many large, interesting mammals, like the ... These animals have long since gone extinct and are known mostly from fossils, ...

10 Extinct Giants That Once Roamed North America - Live Science


Aug 15, 2015 ... Until the end of the last ice age, American cheetahs, enormous ... a look at 10 extinct animals from the last North American ice age, and what ...

Ice Age Animals, Alaska - American Museum of Natural History


During the last ice age, thick ice buried Canada and the northern United States. But the land that is now central Alaska was remarkably ice-free, hosting a rich ...