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Colorado Desert Shovelnose... Chionactis palarostris [popup] Organ Pipe Shovelnose Snake... Chionactis saxatilis [popup] Mountain Shovelnose Snake


Virginia Snake Identification Guide | Venomous Snake Bite Information | Copperhead look-a-likes ... Northern Ring-necked Snake ... Eastern hog-nosed Snake


Mar 15, 2017 ... The identification keys are based on color, pattern and other physical characteristics. Each snake identification page has two options, A and B ...


Have you ever seen a snake and wondered What Snake Is That? This website assists people in snake identification. Click on a State to access a list of the snake ...


Snake Identification. Pseudonaja Textiles These two Eastern Brown Snakes ( Pseudonaja textiles) illustrate how snakes of the same species can have different  ...


The UF Herpetology Division's Online Guide to FL Snake Identification.


Read the below, but your best bet may be to simply type your location and a description of the snake into a search engine, and look at the image results.


Snake Identification has 64133 members. Wondering what kind of snake you have found? This group is to be used for snake identification (not limited to...


Snake Identification Database Questionnaire. Please answer the following questions based on the snake you wish you identify. You will be provided a list of the ...