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A colloid, in chemistry, is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed .... The following forces play an important role in the interaction of colloid particles: .... Storing a dis...

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Colloid chemistry is vitally important to many industrial processes such as the manufacture of paint, paper, ceramics, ... How is chemistry used in everyday life?

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A colloid is a fancy word for when one substance is microscopically mixed within another substance. Colloids are a part of our daily life and are all around us.

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Jan 31, 2016 ... Colloids occupy an intermediate place between [particulate] suspensions and ... To begin, you need to recall two important definitions: ..... into much smaller ones which remain suspended for the useful shelf life of the milk.

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Nov 15, 2013 ... ... OF COLLOIDS Colloids play an important role in pharmacy,in our daily life and PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS THERAPY Colloidal ...

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Colloids are common in everyday life. Some examples include .... what are the importance of properties of colloids in technology, medicine, and households?

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Colloids have very important application in our daily life starting from food products to the medicines to industries like rubber. Some of the applications of colloids ...

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Science Encyclopedia · Science and Technology · Science of Everyday Things · Science in ... Mixtures - Real-life applications ... What Brown had observed was the suspension of a colloid—a particle intermediate in size .... One of the most important alloys in early human history was a 25:75 mixture of tin and copper ...

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Milk is a white viscous colloidal liquid obtained from mammals. It is widely used in daily life and supplies sufficient nutrition to the body. It is the so. ... Important Milk benefits. These benefits range from its use to babies, adults and also its by ...

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cite examples of the application of colloids in daily life. ... Table 10.1 : Some important properties of true solutions, colloids and suspensions. Name of. Property.

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Colloids play a very significant role in nature and in our daily life. Some of the important applications of colloids are discussed below: 1) Medicines: Medicines in ...

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Applications of colloids are unlimited. Colloids find its applications in everyday life phenomena. Some of important applications of colloids are discussed.

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Colloids in your daily life ... A single amino acid change leads to synthesis of new structures for important class of natural products. All or nothing is a better ...