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France played a key role in the American Revolutionary War (American War of Independence; ... At first, French support was covert; French agents sent the Patriots military .... Other nations in Euro...

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During the American Revolution, France supplied the new American government with money (gold and French Francs), soldiers, and the French Navy. After the ...

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The French decided to back the U.S. in its military efforts until the U.S. had full ... Did you know the French helped the U.S. to win the Revolutionary War?

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The first direct French military support to reach America, in July 1778, was an ... Growing ill will toward the French was only counterbalanced by the money and ... 1781, is on exhibit in the The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown's ...

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The American Revolution was by no means a purely American-British conflict ... France gave many of its northern claims, while the Spanish ceded the Florida territory .... France that secured French financial support, as well as military supplies.

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Why didn't Spain fight in the American Revolutionary War? ... The money helped support the Americans' new currency, the Continental, ... Spanish ships joined with French ships in the naval blockade of the British army at Yorktown in 1781, ...

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French Alliance, French Assistance, and European Diplomacy during the American ... During the American Revolution, the American colonies faced the significant ... importantly, troops and naval support to the beleaguered Continental Army.

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Get information, facts, and pictures about American Revolution at Encyclopedia. com. ... The Oxford Companion to American Military History 2000, originally ... The third Anglo‐French War (1739–48) brought America back in to British strategic ... Chaos ensued when Parliament tried to extract money directly from the colonies ...

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Ironically, France's King Louis XVI and his government had supported the American Revolution with financial aid and military support. France's involvement in the American Revolutionary War placed even more pressure on the ... Short of money, munitions and naval power, the American revolutionaries lobbied Versailles ...

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Simply, revenge. Both England (after 1707, Britain) and France were rising powers in the 17th ... What role did the French Navy army play in the American Revolutionary War? How was France ... Without French money, arms, naval support and later troops the Americans probably would have lost their bid for independence.