Industrialization Policies
The process of industrialization, especially in the developing world, has normally come about through the specific policies of states and other elites. These polities have differed throughout the 20th century. There have been major success stories such... More »
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Industrial policy

The Industrial Policy plan of a country, sometimes shortened IP, is its official strategic effort to encourage the development and growth of the manufacturing ...

Industrial Policy - Library of Economics and Liberty

National industrial policy is a rubric for a broad range of proposed economic reforms that emerged as a unified political program in the early eighties. Had they  ...

DCED: Industrial Policy

Industrial Policy can be defined as “government efforts to alter industrial structure to promote productivity-based growth” (World Bank). Some argue that Industrial ...

Industry Policy | Economy Watch

Industry Policy is adopted by all economies which acts as the determinant factor of the course of industrial development for a specified time period. This policy is ...

Industrial Policy for a sustainable growth path - OECD

Industrial Policy for a sustainable growth path. Policy Paper no 13. Author: Karl Aiginger (WIFO). June 2014. This project has received funding from the ...

Industrial Policies and Strategies - UNIDO

UNIDO's range of services in industrial policy and strategies breaks down into four broad categories. First comes policy-related economic analysis covering ...

What is Industrial Policy? definition and meaning -

Definition of industrial policy: Government policy to influence which industries expand and, perhaps implicitly, which contract, via subsidies, tax...

What are industrial policies? definition and meaning

Definition of industrial policies: The policies of a nation that help guide the total strategic effort of the country. The policies influence the development of different ...

Industrial Policy: 4 Major Objectives of Industrial Policy (India)

Some of the objectives of Industrial Policy are as follows! At the time of independence, India had an extremely underdeveloped and unbalanced industrial ...

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Q: What is the industrial policy of 1980?
A: public sector was freed from a number of constraints and provided with greater autonomy. Read More »
Q: What is industrial policy?
A: Industrial policy is a term for a broad range of proposed economic reforms that emerged as Read More »
Q: What are industrial policies?
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Q: What is the aerospace industry policy of japan?
A: Per covenant (I think the accords during the Japanese surrender in WW-2) Japan is not allowed to have its own standing military (although they do have the JDF o... Read More »
Q: What is the US industrial policy and strategy?
A: It remains Imperialism where jobs are to be exported freely. American Capitalism demands freedom from border restrictions on technology and funds while forcing ... Read More »