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A hook in ten-pin bowling is a ball that rolls in a curving pattern (versus straight). ... At the moment of throwing the bowling ball, the hand should be behind the ball and where the thumb (for ......

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Jul 9, 2009 ... In order to throw a hook in bowling, hold the hand at the side of the ball, spread the index finger out and try using a finger-tip ball. Discover how ...

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Nov 1, 2009 ... In bowling, a hook ball is thrown by making a motion of shaking someone's ... Bowling Tips & Techniques : How to Throw a Good Curveball in ...

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Feb 20, 2014 ... English 219 - Instructions. ... How to Hook a Bowling Ball ..... the most important thing to be able to throw a proper hook is having a ball drilled to ...

By Jef Goodger , About.com GuideOctober 7, 2011 If you watch two people you've never seen before bowl one shot each, and one throws the ball straight down the lane while the other throws a hook, whom are you going to assume is the better bowler? Most people will assume... More »
By Jef Goodger, About.com Guide

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Follow these tips, and you'll find a suitable bowling ball in no time: ... If you throw a hook, turn your hand and wrist as the ball comes forward from your backswing ...

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If you want to hook a bowling ball, then all you need is to master the proper grip and ... You then want to aim to throw your ball at one of the arrows on the lane.

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Jun 11, 2014 ... Curling (more commonly known as hooking) a bowling ball can be one of ... If you want to get on the fast track to throwing a hook, you're going to need a ... Try to feel the ball on the tips of your fingers and lift as you're getting ...

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You don't need a ball specifically drilled to your hand to hook your shot, but it makes it much easier. For maximum ease, get a ball with a reactive-resin cover ...

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I was reading this question about throwing a hook in Wii Sports bowling ... one time I was playing Kinect Sports Bowling with my friends and their child. .... Colored circles to signify status - a violation of accessibility guidelines?

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Q: How to Throw Hooks in Bowling.
A: 1. Start with the right grip. Your fingers and thumbs should be moderately relaxed in the holes of the bowling ball. They should be snug enough so that the ball... Read More »
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Q: How to throw a hook in Nintendo Wii Bowling
A: Line up your bowler to the right of the lane. This will account for the hooking action of the ball. Other wise the ball will go in the gutter. Start your approa... Read More »
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Q: How do you throw a good hook bowling?
A: Grip the ball with the two middle fingers (the middle and ring fingers) of ... Read More »
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Q: How to Throw a Hook Ball in Bowling
A: In bowling, you can apply spin to the ball when you release it, to cause it to roll a certain way as it rolls down the lane. For right-handed bowlers, a hook wi... Read More »
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Q: How can I throw a big hook in bowling?
A: Yo bro...I have the same concerns and desires to launch my bowling ball like that. Like yourself, I launch mine over the 2-3 arrow, but like yourself, it goes l... Read More »
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