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A graduated cylinder is one instrument used to measure volume. Graduated cylinders are available in several sizes. The user reads the volume from the bottom of the meniscus, the cu...

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Volumeedit]. A measuring cup, a common instrument used to measure volume. Buoyant weight (solids); Overflow trough (solids) ...

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Sep 12, 2006 ... For liquids: the same thing as you have in your kitchen, basically. Pipettes are used for small volumes. To measure the volume of gases, a gas ...

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The scientific instruments that measure the volume of a gas, liquid, or solid are called volumeters. They include graduated cylinders, syringes, beakers, and ...

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Use a gas syringe - This is a laboratory instrument that can be used to withdraw a certain volume of gas from a closed system or to measure the volume of gas ...

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If the material is fluid or gas (as in pumps) there are flow meters (see The Flow Meter - HowStuffWorks ). If they are solids, then I suppose, by measuring i...

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Instruments for measuring volume ... It is fitted on to the end of a pipette, a graduated glass tube used to measure varying volumes of liquid, and is used to draw ...

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3. Amount of space an object takes up _ _ _ _ _ _. 4. 9.8 m/s2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 5. Metric unit for mass _ _ _ _. 6. Instrument used to measure volume _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ...

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Nov 26, 2014 ... Scientific tools students use to measure volume. ... the word “Volume” • Identify at least three tools used to measure • Which of these is used to ...

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Officially, the instrument used to measure liquid volume is called a graduated cylinder. A graduated cylinder can, through a method called "water displacement, " ...

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Q: Instrument used to measure volume?
A: graduated cylinder Read More »
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Q: Instrument used to measure volume?
A: graduated cylinder. Additional answer. Although this would not measure the volume of either a gas or a solid. graduated cylinder. Read More »
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Q: Instrument used to measure volume?
A: Volume as in sound (decibel meter), volume as in three-space ( tape measure- length x width x height) , volume as in quantity of sales ($$), or volume as in one... Read More »
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Q: What is an instrument used to measure volume?
A: Scientists use a graduated cylinder to measure the volume of a liqu... Read More »
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Q: What is the instrument used to measure volume?
A: Volume of a liquid is measured with a graduated cylinder. Volume of a solid object is measured by measuring the sides and using the proper formula. For irregula... Read More »
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