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The first appearance of the hairbrush is perhaps the hardest to nail down, but archeologists have found plenty of evidence that the personal grooming tool was well instilled into the culture of the Romans.
Lyda D Newman patented a new and improved brush on November 15, 1898.



In 1898, Lyda A. Newman invented an "Improved Hairbrush," which allowed for easily cleaning and had bristles separated wide enough to allow for easy ...

Lyda Newman: Inventor of an Improved Hair Brush


Granted a patent for her invention in 1898, Newman's brush was the first hairbrush with synthetic bristles (prior to that brushes were made from animal hair , such ...

The History of Hair Brushes | eHow


He also invented the pneumatic rubber cushioned hairbrush the same year. Today, these brushes are considered some of the best on the market because they ...

Lyda Newman - Civil Rights Activist, Women's ... - Biography.com


Find out more about Lyda Newman, an African-American inventor who patented an improved hairbrush, at Biography.com.

Black woman patents Hair Brush | African American Registry


On this date in 1898, Lydia O. Newman, an African American of New York City acquired a patent for the hair brush. Newman's invention permitted easy cleaning  ...

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African American inventor Lyda Newman patented an improved hair brush. ... Some historians claim Newman invented the first hair brush with synthetic bristles , ...

When was the first hairbrush invented? | Answerbag


32,000 years ago ... After the first mirror. ... The hairbrush is thought to have evolved from the animal-hair brush used by primitive man for painting ...

Why Did Lyda Newman Invent A Hair Brush? - Blurtit


Answer (1 of 5): Lyda Newman invented the hairbrush because in her time, slavery was taking place. So, they didn't much clothing, or anything else to keep ...

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Pet brushes accumulate a large amount of entangled hair within the hairbrush bristles very quickly. The hair must be removed from the bristles quickly so that ...

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Q: Who invented the first hairbrush?
A: james madison of virginia Read More »
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Q: Who invented the Goody Hairbrush?
A: It is named after the inventor : Mr Hairbrush. Read More »
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Q: What was invented first the hairbrush or the fork?
A: the person who invented the hairbrush was harriet Tubman during her colony times her hair would get tanlge so the used sticks connected to a wooden rod. her inv... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the hairbrush?
A: Lydia O Newman Answer A man named Hugh Rock filed a patent for the hairbrush in 1854. Read More »
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Q: Who invented the hairbrush?
A: The hairbrush was invented by an African American woman named Lydia O. Newman. Read More »
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