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Peanut butter, popular in many countries, is a food paste and spread made primarily from ... "In 1922, chemist Joseph Rosefield invented a process for making smooth peanut butter that kept the ...

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Contrary to popular belief, George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter. He was one of the greatest inventors in American history, discovering over  ...

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Aug 31, 2016 ... Peanut butter has been around since ancient times, but the kind that comes in a jar was an all-American creation.

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Mar 2, 2015 ... In celebration of National Peanut Month, we looked no further than ... for his work with peanuts (though he did not invent peanut butter, as some may believe). ... to this scientist and inventor than simply being "the Peanut Man.

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Sep 6, 2016 ... Do you celebrate National Peanut Day every September 13? Of course, we all do ! It's a cruel coincidence that the peanut's big moment comes ...

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Oct 24, 2015 ... Joseph L. Rosefield sold peanut butter in California, churning it to make it smoother. He received the first patent for peanut butter that could stay ...

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Feb 5, 2011 ... Some even seem to think that the invention of peanut butter is on a par with the printing press and penicillin. But as the Black Invention Myths ...

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Feb 11, 2014 ... Peanut Butter is the original Black Invention Hoax. ... False black “history” concerning alleged inventions by blacks are tantamount to ...

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Dec 6, 2013 ... George Washington Carver: Biography, Inventions & Quotes .... A St. Louis physician may have developed peanut butter as a protein substitute ...

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Jul 11, 2014 ... Many people believe that George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. Although Carver contributed much to the development of peanut ...

An unknown St. Louis physician supposedly invented peanut butter in 1890 as a nutritious protein substitute for people with poor teeth who couldn't chew meat.
Peanuts were known as early as 950 B.C. and originated in South America. The ancient Incas used peanuts and were known to have made it into a paste-like substance.
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Jan 23, 2012 ... But many people have been credited with the title of peanut-butter-inventor, among them George Washington Carver. However, he did not ...

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Aug 5, 2010 ... Although Carver didn't invent peanut butter, he did play a significant role in popularizing it and his 1880 “invention” of peanut butter preceded ...

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George Washington Carver was a prominent African-American scientist and inventor. Carver is best known for the many uses he devised for the peanut.