Iron Age Clothes
Much of what we know about clothing in the Iron Age comes from evidence discovered at archaeological sites, in particular, from ancient bogs. On occasion, someone cutting peat for fuel will uncover a "bog body," the remains of an individual who lived in... More »
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British Museum - Clothing in Iron Age Britain

Very few clothes have been preserved from Iron Age Britain, so we know little about the clothes that people wore at this time. Clothes made from wool, linen, skin ...

The Tollund Man - Clothes and Fashion

We have discovered numerous items of clothing in the bogs dating from the Iron Age and many of them were well-preserved. Several of the bog bodies were ...

Dyed clothes came into fashion in early Iron Age | ScienceNordic

May 29, 2012 ... Clothes in the early Iron Age were not grey and dull, as previously assumed. They were colourful and patterned. This new discovery comes as ...

Clothes and Appearance - Children's British History Encyclopedia

The clothes of Iron Age people were made from wool and dyed with natural vegetable dyes ... Brooches and pins would have been used to fasten their clothes.

Iron Age - Hands-on History for Schools

Clothing changed very slowly in the Bronze Age and Iron Age, and most people wore pretty much the same things. In warm counties like Egypt, Greece and the ...

Celtic Clothing During the Iron Age- A Very Broad and Generic ...

'Celtic' Clothing (with Greek and Roman Influence) from the Iron Age-a Realistic View Based on What We Know What, When, Where and Why? Documentation ...

BBC - Wales - Education - Iron Age Celts - Factfile

The Iron Age Celts' clothes might have looked like the tartan you see in Scotland and Ireland today, with checks and stripes. The Celts used berries and plants to ...

Teaching History with 100 Objects - Tools for making clothes in Iron ...

The clothes that people wore in the Iron Age generally do not survive. They were made of soft organic materials such as wool, linen and animal skins that have ...

Recreating clothes from the Iron Age - Apollon

Nov 26, 2014 ... A few years ago, the oldest known piece of clothing ever discovered in Norway, a tunic dating from the Iron Age, was found on a glacier in ...

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A: Much of what we know about clothing in the Iron Age comes from evidence discovered at archaeological sites, in particular, from ancient bogs. On occasion, someo... Read More »
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