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Is fiberglass insulation dangerous? Fiberglass insulation is how we keep energy costs down. Learn why some think fiberglass is as bad as asbestos.

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Insulation is great for your home but terrible if you breathe it in. ... About 90 percent of insulated homes in the United States have fiberglass insulation. This type ...

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Here are some of the health risks posed by fiberglass insulation. ... biggest dangers of breathing in fiberglass is that the fibers from the insulation can make their ...

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Dec 15, 2014 ... Fiberglass can cause mild irritation but is not dangerous. You'll be ... I suppose breathing in anything for a lifetime is probably not good for you.

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The properties of fiberglass used in insulation. ... A respirator with a particulate filter should be used to prevent inhalation of the potentially dangerous fibers.

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Feb 27, 2013 ... Imagine what happens when a window is broken: the glass is extremely sharp and is very dangerous. Fiberglass insulation has the same effect ...

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Mar 19, 2013 ... This discussion is related to I inhaled Fiberglass Insulation -- Please Help!. Tags: fiberglass, inhalation, throat, lungs, Pain, breathing, Chest.

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Fiberglass was first used in the 1930s for home furnace filters and insulation. ... dust can occur by skin contact, by breathing the dust or by swallowing the fibers.

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Apr 30, 2012 ... In general, insulation fibers are less durable and less biopersistent than ... Not only did this remove the dangerous fiberglass, which invariably ...

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Mar 17, 2007 ... Tips for safer fiberglass handling and insulation practices. ... Breathing fibers may irritate the airways resulting in coughing and a scratchy throat ...

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Q: Is breathing in fiberglass insulation dangerous?
A: Inhaling or ingesting fiberglass or asbestos acts just as a sliver of glass. It can cut its way through your tissues. Be careful! Read More »
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Q: What Are the Dangers of Fiberglass Insulation?
A: Fiberglass insulation or glass wool is a man-made vitreous fiber. It is made by pulling strands of glass into thin fibers. People can be affected by fiberglass ... Read More »
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Q: The Dangers of Breathing Fiberglass.
A: Fiberglass first came into use in the early 1930s in the form of filters for various industrial machines. It was later used to filter and insulate home furnace ... Read More »
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Q: What are the proven health dangers of using fiberglass insulation...
A: Fiberglass is a very popular material for insulation. It is well known that with contact, the fibers or particles will irritate the skin and eyes. Prolonged con... Read More »
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Q: Can breathing fiberglass insulation cause you harm.
A: Some vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos. From the 1920s to 1990, a vermiculite ore produced by the Libby Mine may have contained asbestos. It was sold ... Read More »
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