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There are three stable isotopes of oxygen Radioactive isotopes with mass numbers from <sup>12</sup>O to <sup>24</sup>O have also been characterized, all short-lived, with the ...

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The Element Oxygen - Known Isotopes. ... National Nuclear Data Center. Please visit their site for more information. Isotopes With A Known Natural Abundance ...

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All three Oxygen isotopes have medical applications. O-16 is used in the production of radioactive N-13 which is used for PET imaging and myocardial perfusion ...

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Oxygen Isotopes. Appendix I: p. 359-361; Ch. 6.2 p. 100-101. • What are isotopes ? • How can we tell the temperature in the geological past? • Compare two ...

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A Brief Explanation of Oxygen Isotopes in Paleoclimate studies ... An important method for the study of long-term climate change involves isotope geochemistry.

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Oxygen has seventeen known isotopes with atomic masses ranging from 12.03 u to 28.06 u. Three are stable,O,O, andO, of whichO is the most abundant (over ...

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isotope is given for elements without a stable nuclide. ... The isotopic mass data is ... Oxygen. 16O. 15.994915. 99.757. 17O. 16.999132. 0.038. 18O. 17.999160.

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by Holli Riebeek • May 6, 2005. Oxygen is one of the most significant keys to deciphering past climates. Oxygen comes in heavy and light varieties, or isotopes , ...

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The most stable form and abundant isotope of Oxygen is O16 but natural Oxygen in both element and compound contains little amount of O 17 and O 18 .

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Oxygen consists of three stable isotopes: <sup>16</sup>O, <sup>17</sup>O, and <sup>18</sup>O. Most of the world's oxygen is <sup>16</sup>O, a little is <sup>18</sup>O, and a tiny proportion is <sup>17</sup>O. <sup>17</sup>O is so scarce that ...