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Joseph Richard Winters (August 29, 1816 – November 29, 1916) was an African- American abolitionist and inventor who, on May 7, 1878 received U.S. Patent number 203,517 for a wagon-mounted fire ...

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The fire escape ladder was patented by Joseph Winters.

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The many faces of great African Americans inventors. .... that's when Joseph Winters invented a wagon mounted fire escape ladder. ... He invented a fire escape ladder that was mounted on fire wagons for the city of Chambersburg, Pa in 1878.

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fire escape ladder. ... What invention did Madam C J Walker invent? madam CJ walker did not ... What country invented the Winter Olympic sport of bobsleigh?

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Black Inventors of America : the Nonfiction, Paperback by McKinley Burt, Jr. ( National Book Company, Jun 01, ... Fire Escape Ladder J.B. Winters, May 7, 1878

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Black or Afro-American Inventors. PATENT ... Allen, J. B.. Clothes Line ... Bailes, Wm. Ladder Scaffold-Support ..... Portable Fire Escape .... Winters, J. B.. Fire ...

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Elijah McCoy invented the mechanism by which machines in motion can be lubricated, thus making ... July 6, 1971. J.B. Winters. Fire Escape Ladder. John Burr.

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Feb 3, 2010 ... The invention of the gas mask predates Morgan's breathing device by several decades. ..... Winters' “fire escape” was a wagon-mounted ladder. .... The first of these was issued to J.B. Kendall of Boston in 1861, patent #33709.


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Also see: http://www.littleafrica.com/resources/inventors.htm , http://www.si.edu/ resource/faq/nmah/afinvent.htm .... Helicopter. J.B. Winters. Fire escape ladder ...

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Feb 12, 2004 ... He was responsible for the invention in 1927 of a process for .... 20 C.V. Richey Fire Escape Bracket. ... 70 J.B. Winters Fire Escape Ladder

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... Famous Inventors · Updated Articles and Resources · Expert Videos. Joseph Winters invented a fire escape ladder and received patent #203,517 on 5/7/1878.

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The fire escape ladder was invented by Joseph Winters in 1878. Back then he used a wagon to hoist the ladder, which was designed for the Pennsylvania city of ...

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On May 7, 1878, the fire escape ladder was patented by Joseph Winters. Joseph Winters invented a wagon-mounted fire escape ladder for the city of Chambersburg, PA. Joseph Winters - Fire Ladder US patent .... jb | inspired from jb | inspired.