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This may very well have been the start of the abbreviations for the jewelry business, a task put into place in order to fit as much information as possible for the ...

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Grams, which is abbreviated GR, is usually used to express the weight of jewelry pieces. Grams is a metric unit of mass equal to one thousandth of a ...

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From abalone to zircon, learn about gemstone and jewelry terms in our extensive ... Since carat is a metric unit, the abbreviation “ct” does not require a period.

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Looking for the definition of JEWELRY? Find out what is the full meaning of JEWELRY on Abbreviations.com!

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The numbers and letters on jewelry indicate the metal and karat weight of the ... List of Jewelry Markings · Jewelry Markings and Terms · Jewelry Abbreviations ...

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What does 585 or 583 stamped on jewelry mean? 585 or 583 on a piece ... K, k, KT, Kt, kt, CT, ct are all abbreviations used for karat or carat. KP, kp Karat Plumb,  ...

What Does the Abbreviation CTW Stand For in Diamond Jewelry?


The abbreviation “CTW” can often be seen on diamond jewelry labels, but many people don't know what these letters mean. Let's see what CTW stands for and ...

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Jewelry made from precious metals is stamped with a mark to indicate metal ... silver, sterling, sterling silver, argent, argent sterling, abbreviations of these terms,  ...

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Gold and silver jewelry have a vocabulary all their own. ... These items should be marked with the term or abbreviation and the karat quality of the gold used (for ...

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Abbreviations: What does WG, DWT, CWT, FW, SS, CZ stand for in the jewelry section? What does OR, LC, TC stand for in the chains and popular styles in gold  ...

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Ross Metals has compiled a list of the most popular used in jewelry production .... of the platinum group of precious metals, it is usually abbreviated Ru or Ruth.

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Abbreviations for jewellery fasteners, gemstone names, shapes and sizes.

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Are you confused by these series of letters used by jewelry makers? We have the solution. Here is a list of commonly used abbreviations to help you understand ...