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Jumping spider


The jumping spider family (Salticidae) contains over 500 described genera and more than 5800 described species, making it the largest family of spiders with ...

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Jumping spiders belong to the Family Salticidae. With over 4,000 species known throughout the globe, tropical regions are most influenced. However, some ...

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When you say jump, this spider says, "How far?" Some jumping spiders can spring up to 50 times their body length, leaping on prey, like this unfortunate bee,  ...

Salticidae jumping spiders - Ed Nieuwenhuys


Ligonipes semitectus. The jumping spider can be found everywhere if the sun is shining, on trees, grass and rocks. At night or during rainfall the spiders hide in a  ...

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All spiders have fangs that they use to bite their prey with, like most spiders, jumping spiders have venom glands that produce toxic chemicals that help paralyze ...

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Feb 16, 2004 ... Historically, jumping spiders have been classified in a Linnaean hierarchical structure on the basis of morphological characters. In the early ...

Family Salticidae - Jumping Spiders - BugGuide.Net


Admestina - male 110511JSpider - Admestina sub-adult or tiny jumper? - Admestina jumper - Admestina - male Jumping Spider - Admestina Admestina?

Salticidae :: jumping spiders worldwide database - Dr. Heiko Metzner


Worldwide database of jumping spiders (Salticidae) - Dr. Heiko Metzner: taxonomy, distribution, publications, illustrations.

daring jumping spider


The Daring Jumping Spider is one of the most common spiders in our area. ... This spider is black with a gray or white crossband on its abdomens (back body ...

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Jan 6, 2016 ... We filmed the Hyllus giganteus, the largest jumping spider in the world, in slow motion! Subscribe to Earth Unplugged ...
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Jumping Spiders in the October 2011 issue of Ranger Rick Magazine.

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These pages are a work in progress. My intent is to provide naturalists with videos of North American jumping spiders as well as the means for identifying these ...

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These are my favourite spiders. When you have attracted their attention, they follow you with their big eyes. They are friendly little creatures that always like to ...