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Contents. 1 Millesimal fineness. 1.1 Platinum; 1.2 Gold; 1.3 Silver. 2 Carat .... Under these regulations, items 10-karat or greater are to be stamped with either " K" ...

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Carat Karat Gold…What those stamps and numbers mean. Is it K or ct or just a 3 digit number? The 'ct' is interchangeable with 'K' for karat. I'm from Australia so ...

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Sometimes when looking at the stamp inside of gold rings, bracelets or other gold jewellery the numerical expression is stamped in either a Karat volume or a ...

Guide to Stamps and Inscriptions on Gold Jewelry


Easy to follow guide to identifying the stamps on your gold jewelry. ... Beyond just telling you the karat purity of the piece, the jewelry stamp will often have ...



Mar 27, 2011 ... If you look inside the Shank of your Ring (the band on the bottom or side), you'll usually see the Karat Stamp. More than likely it will be shown ...

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The law also states that the real purity of the piece can deviate by up to 0.5 karats from the karat stamp. So, for example, a gold ring with a 14K stamp can have ...

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Karat (K) tells the number of parts, by weight, of gold in 24 parts of alloy. ...... look for a stamp with a karat mark, the manufacturer's registered trademark and the ...

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Feb 16, 2009 ... Microstamp Karat Stamps [CA00-380] - These karat stamps are unlike any karat stamp you may have used before. These are made one at a ...

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Oct 12, 2011 ... We have found that the fake chains will have a Karat stamp like 14K but not have a manufacturer hallmark. Your chain manufacturers are going ...

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Mark you jewelry design with a quality karat value easily with a "14K" Gold stamp. This marking punch has a "swan neck" design that can reach inside of rings at ...

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