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Answer (1 of 3): The main purpose of wing top laboratory apparatus is to change and adjust the shape of the flame that comes from a Bunsen burner. It is also ...


Answer (1 of 1): A wing top is used in the laboratory with a Bunsen burner to make a flat, broad flame. One of its purposes is to bend glass, which is possible ...


Multipurpose and essential in the lab. brushes .... wing top. For obtaining broad, fishtail flame that heats large area and smoothly bends glass. wire gauze


Define wing top: a wing-shaped metal top that fits on a Bunsen burner and gives a broad flat flame.


The wing top burner accessory is for producing a broad, flat, fan-shaped ... In order to select the correct size wing top, measure the outside diameter of ... Home · Apparatus · Laboratory Supplies · Wing Top Burner Accessories; Wing Top to fit  ...


Wing Top Flame Spreader for Butane Lab Burner ... Product Description. This item can be used with the Butane Lab Burner (SB16434M).


Joshua Joachim M.Pagaduan HUB 21 Chemistry Assignment Laboratory ... Wing Top/Fish Tail - used to bend glass as it spread out the heat over a larger area, ...


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Geissler/Acid Burette - used especially in laboratory procedures for accurate fluid ... Wing Top/Fish Tail - used to bend glass as it spread out the heat over a ...