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This could be a Piedmont as a Piedmont is a large area, sometimes called a belt, that is hilly but not mountainous. The majority of a Piedmont is considered to be ...


A large area of land that is level or that is slightly rolling is called a plain. Plains can occur in lowlands or at higher elevations on plateaus. As they are usually ...


In short, the answer truly depends upon the context of the given landmass. If the flat area is elevated from its surroundings, then the area could ...


Frontier Definition: A distant area where few people live. Example of frontier ... 6 Prairie Definition: A large area of level or slightly rolling land. Example of prairie ...


Prairie definition: A prairie is a large area of flat, grassy land in North ... a large area of level or slightly rolling grasslands, esp. one in the Mississippi Valley.


May 6, 2015 ... Many farmers throughout the country have been out rolling land in recent weeks, however the practice is viewed by others as the wrong opting ...


University of Florida Conservation Areas Land Management Plan .... This nearly level to gently sloping, well-drained soil is in both small and large areas of uplands. ... shaped areas on uplands and slightly rolling knolls in the broad flatwoods.


A Spectacular 50 Acres of Land For Sale in Tennessee ... along the eastern boundary, the surface area is slightly rolling to level in places, completely wooded.


Large portions of this land is level and covered in trees - providing several options for ... the surface area is slightly rolling to level in places, completely wooded.