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Geography of China


China has great physical diversity. The east and south of the country consists of fertile lowlands ... The exact land area is sometimes challenged by border disputes, most notably about ... or sligh...

What is a large area with level or slightly rolling land called? - Quora


Aug 13, 2015 ... In short, the answer truly depends upon the context of the given landmass. If the flat area is elevated from its surroundings, then the area could ...

What are large areas of rolling land covered in grass called


Meadows or grasslands. ... Large area with level or slightly rolling land? plain ... What is an area of level land usually at low elevation and covered with grass?

What is a large area of flat land or gently sloping land called ...


A large area of flat or gently sloping land is known as a plain. Generally, plains are lowland areas that are less than 500 feet above sea level. They typically form  ...

What do you call land completely surrounded by water? | Reference ...


What is a large body of land surrounded by water? ... Large Area with Level or Slightly Rolling Land · A Strip of Land Surrounded by Water on Three Sides ...

Level 12 - Geography Terms, - Memrise


A low place in the surface of the land, usually with a body of water occupying the lowest ... A large area of land with little or no moisture or vegetation. ... An area of rolling land along the foot of a mountain range. ... A series of rocks or coral structures in a body of water, the tops of which are slightly beneath or at the surfa...

Why the Dust Bowl? - JStor


usually applied to the southern half of this Great Plains area, in other words that ... Large expanses of level to slightly rolling land of high fertility are characteristic  ...

Do you like flat or more rolling land? [Archive] - Chronicle Forums


Hills and rolling description can be VERY different in each area. I say our ground rolls, but it really is only slightly above flat but does give ... Nothing quite like that type of soil for slick footing on level and treacherous on a hillside. ... to the tune of a large truckload every two years on my lane and yard, and ...

Terrain Elements And Features - Eberron Unlimited


Nov 7, 2008 ... Valley: A broad, relatively flat area of land surrounded by mountains or hills, often .... Prairie: A large area of level to slightly rolling grasslands.

Rolling Easements - US Environmental Protection Agency


Rising sea level is inundating low-lying lands, eroding beaches, and ... prevent wetlands from migrating inland, expose large numbers of people to the hazard of living ..... area of tidal wetlands—i.e., the land between the high and low tide shorelines—is much greater ..... property value only slightly, because the eventual.

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What is a large area with level and slightly rolling land - Answers.com


This could be a Piedmont as a Piedmont is a large area, sometimes called a belt, that is hilly but not mountainous. The majority of a Piedmont is considered to be ...

What is a large body of land surrounded by water? | Reference.com


A large body of land surrounded by water is called an "island. ... Geography Words · Large Area with Level or Slightly Rolling Land · Divides Earth into Northern ...

What is the starting point of a river called? | Reference.com


Headwaters can start out in marshy areas or where there are natural. ... River System · Definition for River Mouth · Large Area with Level or Slightly Rolling Land ...