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List of family name affixes


Generally the last name removing the “aj” suffix is the name of the originator of the family before last names were used dating 300 years ...

Surnames-endings - PolishRoots


We also see these suffixes added to names without -ski, so that Jan means "John " and Janów ... These processes are very common in Polish surname formation.

Surname prefixes and suffixes by ethnicity. [Archive] - The ...


I saw a list going somewhere and I wanted to know what are some other distinctive surname prefixes and suffixes that give away one's ethnic ...

German Surname Origin & Last Name Meaning - Ancestor Search


Common German Surnames and their surname origins and last name meanings. Germany ... Suffixes which can indicate a German occupational name are:.

German Surnames – Their Meaning & Origin


It was not a first name, or a last name, it was just a "name". ... There are various suffixes (or root endings) of interest, which earlier were of considerable ...

name standards - Departments - Weber State University


Use the legal spelling and format of the last name. Enter as ... Do NOT use prefixes and suffixes in the last name field. (i.e., Dr, Mr ...

Name Standards - Library & ITS Wiki - MediaWiki - Middlebury


Aug 23, 2013 ... 'Mitchell Green' is entered in the last name field. 'Mary-Jean' is .... **Do NOT use titles, prefixes and suffixes in the first name field. ** Commas ...

Jr., Sr., III - Topic Q&A List


Q. If names are listed last name first and first name last, after which name does the suffix (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) follow? How is this formatted? Answer ». A. Commas ...

Suffixes in Last Names - Aatrix


Read on how to include suffixes in employee names.

Suffixes in surnames - Dutch Genealogy


Aug 11, 2005 ... Some areas use suffixes that are typical of that region. Knowing about the suffixes in Dutch family names can help you in trying to find out in ...

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What Can That Suffix on Your Family's Name Tell You? - Ancestry Blog


Sep 3, 2014 ... Let's look at some of the more common surname suffixes, the little bits on the ends of family names that might tell you what language the name ...

How to Use Jr, Sr, II, III, etc. (with Cartoons) | The German-American ...


Oct 20, 2013 ... Rule #2: In Order to Use Suffixes, Names Must be EXACTLY the Same ... same ( first name, any and all middle names or lack thereof, and last ...

suffixes - Where do you put the suffix when listing the last name first ...


Jun 17, 2013 ... When listing names with the last name first, where should you put the suffix if there is one present? For example, if given the name John Doe Jr.