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A late fee should only be charged if a written agreement outlines this possibility. Some states have a cap on how much can be charged for a late fee; check the state laws regarding...

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Landlords often impose a late fee when rent is even a few days late. But the size of the late fee is subject to legal limits, and in some situations it's not legal to ...

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Law Offices of Nicholas D. Heimlich. CA. Contact Office ... A late fee is normally assessed as a monthly finance charge. Figuring out what to charge is a two-step  ...

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State laws in California cover several of these rent-related issues, including limits on late fees, the amount of notice a landlord must provide to increase rent ...

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Under the law, a card issuer cannot treat a payment as late if it was received by 5 p.m. on the day that it was due. If the due date was not a day on which the ...

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The law regarding residential late fees is almost 30 years old. In 1978, Civil Code 1671 was amended to outlaw virtually all late fees in residential rental ...

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Dec 18, 2010 ... You can charge a late fee or interest, but make sure the original contract the client has signed clearly states any fees or interest charges that will ...

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Jan 20, 2012 ... There are issues worth considering before issuing late fees. ... late payments that result in additional costs and there are laws in place in many ...

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Unfortunately, the law that allows the landlord to require cash payments does ... A rental agreement cannot include a pre-determined late fee. the exception to ...

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The ATO, banks, telephone companies, electricity companies are making hundreds of millions a year from late fees but are late fees legal? What does common ...

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Q: Are late fees legal or not?
A: I understand times are hard - but stop being cheap and trying to get out of your legal obligations. Late fees are legal and are typically spelled out in your le... Read More »
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Q: Are late fees legal?
A: Yes, as far as a late charge for rent on an apartment is concerned, weekends do count. As far as the 15 minutes is concerned, I am assuming you paid your rent a... Read More »
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Q: Are Credit Card Late Fees Legally Collectible?
A: Federal rules prohibit your lender from charging a fee of more than $25 for a late payment. An exception applies if you were also late in making one of your las... Read More »
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Q: Is changing a over limit fee on a late fee legal?
A: Unfortunately, yes. I actually had a client charged a late fee after they lowered her limit & increased her interest rate within 30 days of a $2000 payment (abo... Read More »
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Q: Is a $25 per Day Late Fee Legal
A: It seems that a court judge has to make a ruling on whether or not the fees are reasonable. This is correct. "Reasonable" late fees are not statutorily spelled ... Read More »
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