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The four layers of the Earth are called the inner core, the outer core, the mantle and the crust. In addition, there are two different types of crust. The continental crust is the ...

The outermost layer of the Earth is a rocky crust. Beneath it is a plastic, highly viscous upper mantle, followed by a more dense and rigid lower mantle. In the center is a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.

Structure of the Earth


The interior structure of the Earth is layered in spherical shells, like an onion. These layers can be defined by either their chemical or their rheological properties.

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The Earth is composed of four different layers. Many geologists believe that as the Earth cooled the heavier, denser materials sank to the center and the lighter ...

Google Earth is a virtual globe with a lot of information. Turn on layers by clicking on the check-box next to the layer name. You never know what the featured content will be each month. More »
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Sep 21, 2012 ... The Earth is approximately 4000 miles from the center to its surface, but what makes up those miles of earth? Let's take a journey inside.

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Interactives -- Dynamic Earth, Pick another interactive: ... What's inside the earth? ... They discovered that it is made up of these distinct layers: the crust, the ...

The Earth's Inside


The earth is divided in to four layers:CRUST, MANTLE, OUTER CORE and INNER CORE. ... Echo-sounding techniques are used to explore the Earth's crust.



The Earth is made of many different and distinct layers. The deeper layers are composed of heavier materials; they are hotter, denser and under much greater ...

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The size of the Earth -- about 12,750 kilometers (km) in diameter-was known by ... Below right: A view not drawn to scale to show the Earth's three main layers ...

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Q: How to Draw the Layers of the Earth.
A: Instructions. Draw a large circle. Draw another circle just inside of the first circle. Draw a small circle in the center of the first two circles. Draw one las... Read More »
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Q: What is the largest layer of the earth?
A: the mantle, which is 2900 km, is the largest layer of the earth Read More »
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Q: What is the middle layer of the earths?
A: Mantle. Read More »
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Q: Layers of the earth?
A: Adding to gerimar. It is thought that the core of the earth contains iron and nickel. The core is further divided into an inner and outer core.The inner core is... Read More »
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Q: What layer of the earth is land?
A: The Crust. Read More »
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