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Glossary of leaf shapes


The following is a defined list of terms which are used to describe leaf morphology, the macroscopic structure of leaves including the overall shape of the leaf ...

Leaf Shape


What follows in this tutorial are the most common leaf shapes. Ovate. An Ovate leaf is described as being broadest below the middle, and roughly 2x as long as it ...

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The Leaf Shapes ClipArt gallery offers 310 examples of the various shapes, margins, and arrangements of leaves. For leaves of specific shrubs or trees, please ...

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leaf where three or more leaflets arise from the top of the leaf stalk. Digitate. A palmate leaf where the leaves are narrow and shaped like fingers. Leaf Shapes.

Leaf Shape


Resources. Plant Morphology. Leaf Shape. Heart-shaped. Oval Lobed Divided Narrow. Back to Menu.

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Jul 12, 2009 ... What is a leaf? To a plant, leaves are food producing organs. Leaves "absorb" some of the energy in the sunlight that strikes their surfaces and ...

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leaf: natural shapes and arrangements. print email cite. Art:Leaves come in many different shapes. They may grow in several different arrangements. Leaves ...

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In this article we shall discuss how the analysis of the shapes of leaves can be ... the relationship between climate and the proportions of leaf shapes in the flora, ...

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B. Images Of Leaf Shapes ... Botanical terms that describe the surfaces of leaves and stems: Glaucous: ... Ciliate: Hairs along leaf margin forming a fringe.

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I receive an assignment from a textbook publisher to show a variety of plant leaf shapes, and back lighted them in order to show the venation and the vascular ...

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Sometimes the Latin name will indicate the leaf shape, so I've put the Latin specific epithet in as well. This will help you identify a plant (if it has that epithet in its ...

Leaf description glossary


There are a number of technical terms used for describing the arrangement and shape of leaves. These terms can be divided into several groups:.

Leaf Shapes


A gladiate or ensiform leaf is an elongated, non-lobed leaf that is sword-shaped. ... Falcate refers to a leaf that is hooked or curled in shape. Sedum. Southern ...