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Lemna is a genus of free-floating aquatic plants from the duckweed family. These rapidly growing plants have found uses as a model system for studies in ...


Common duckweed is a very small light green free-floating, seed bearing plant. Duckweed has 1 to 3 leaves, or fronds, of 1/16 to 1/8 inch in length. A single root  ...


General Information. Symbol: LEMNA. Group: Monocot. Family: Lemnaceae. Duration: Growth Habit: Native Status: AK N CAN N HI I,N L48 N PR N SPM N VI N.


Facts About. Among the smallest of all flowering plants, common duckweed is a free-floating aquatic perennial that forms a floating mat of minute foliage on the ...


Lemna minor L. Show All Show Tabs common duckweed. Image of Lemna minor. General Information. Symbol: LEMI3. Group: Monocot. Family: Lemnaceae.


Common Duckweed Lemna minor. Duckweed family (Lemnaceae). Description: This floating aquatic plant consists of a single oval or oval-obovate thallus (a ...


Lemna minor range map. USDA PLANTS Database. Common duckweed. Lemna minor thalli floating in slow-moving water.Photo by Robert H Mohlenbrock.


LemnaTec develops plant phenotyping systems with a comprehensive range of digital phenotyping systems used in plant science and agriculture research.


Duckweeds are among the world's smallest flowering plants. Individual lesser duckweed plants are tiny, round, bright green disks, each with a single root.


Feb 8, 2015 ... The growth of these high-protein plants can be extremely rapid. Lemna is one of the best known of this group and has been the subject of much ...