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Measuring Length
Measuring length is a straightforward process, but the measurer must be able to use different units of length. Discover how to relate inches to other length units with help from a math teacher in this free video on basic math lessons.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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Unit of length - Wikipedia


A Unit of length refers to any discrete, pre-established length or distance having a constant .... In everyday conversation, and in informal literature, it is common to see lengths measured in units...

US Standard Lengths - Math is Fun


An inch is defined as exactly 2.54 centimeters (a metric measurement). Lots of things are measured in inches from rainfall to paper length. Measuring in inches  ...

Metric Length - Math is Fun


We can measure how long things are, or how tall, or how far apart they are. Those are are all examples of length measurements. Example: This fork is 20 ...

Measuring Length Worksheets - Math Worksheets 4 Kids


Length worksheets contain reading ruler, drawing pointer; measuring objects with rulers, paper clips and blocks; estimating length; measuring bars and more.

NumberNut.com: Prealgebra: Units of Measurement: Length and ...


Standard Units. You are probably familiar with a lot of these measurements. Length is about a distance. These distances answer questions with "how far?

Length Measurement - U.S. - AAA Math


An interactive math lesson about converting between US length units.

Measure lengths 1 | Length and size | Measurement and data | 1st ...


Measure objects with same-size length units without gaps or overlaps.

Measure It! - Funbrain.com


The FunBrain.com Measurement Game teaches kids how to read an English or metric measurement using a ruler or scale. ... Click on the length of the red bar.

History of Length Measurement (poster) - National Physical Laboratory


Nov 30, 2010 ... This is a brief overview of the history of length measurement in the United Kingdom, outlining some of the more important and interesting ...