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Lenni Lenape clothing refers to the traditional Native American garments made by the Delaware Indian tribe. Clothing items included skirts, mantles, leggings, breech cloths, moccas...



Lenni-Lenape (or Lenni-Lenapi) comes from their autonym, Lenni, which may .... surprised at the Lenape's skill in fashioning clothing from natural materials.

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The Community - Sharing the Work - Tools - Shelters and Villages - Clothing ... As part of the Eastern Woodlands, Lenapehoking had many rivers, streams and ...

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Information about the Delaware or Lenni Lenape Indians of New Jersey for students and teachers. Covers Leni Lenape villages, clothing, food, shelter, culture, ...

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Jan 10, 2012 ... Streaks, lines and circles were painted on the face Lenape women usually ... <ul ><li>Women sewed the clothes using bone, needles, animal ...

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Facts on the Clothing of the Lenni-Lenape Tribe. Prior to the European invasion which virtually wiped them out, the Lenni-Lenape -- or Delaware Indians ...

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Nov 20, 2012 ... I think this will help the 2nd graders at my practicum understand what I want them to understand about Lenape clothing.

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Check out this site for interesting facts about the Lenape tribe. Food, clothing, homes, weapons and culture of the Lenape people. Interesting facts about the ...

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The Lënape Nation is well known for the decorative ribbon work on their clothes and blankets. With the arrival of the Europeans and the fine art of bartering, the ...

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Nov 27, 2011 ... The political focus of the Lenni Lenape was the village which was generally inhabited by a few hundred ... Clothing and Body Adornment:.

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Q: What kind of clothing did the lenni lenape wear?
A: deer skin. Read More »
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Q: Facts on the Clothing of the Lenni-Lenape Tribe.
A: Clothing. The ancient dress of the Lenni-Lenape were clothes made out of skins of deer, beaver or other native animals. In hot weather the men would wear only a... Read More »
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Q: What was Lenni Lenape clothing like? Did they wear feather headdr...
A: Lenape women wore knee-length skirts. Lenape men wore breechcloths and leggings . Shirts were not necessary in the Lenape culture, but the Lenapes did wear deer... Read More »
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Q: Who are Lenni Lenape Indians?
A: The Lenni Lenape Indians are the first people who visited America. They came to America by a strip of land that connected Asia to Alaska. Now that piece of land... Read More »
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Q: What did the lenni lenape eat.
A: they ate corn squash beans elk deer otter turkey and fish. Read More »
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