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The Lenape are a Native American tribe and First Nations band government. They are also ... Traditional Lenape lands, the Lenapehoking, was a large territory that encompassed the Delaware Valley of ...

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As part of the Eastern Woodlands, Lenapehoking had many rivers, streams and ... about religion so that they could lead the people in rituals and ceremonies.

Facts for Kids: Lenni Lenape Indian Tribe (Delaware Indians ...


Information about the Delaware or Lenni Lenape Indians of New Jersey for ... Both genders took part in storytelling, artwork and music, and traditional medicine .

Native Americans: Delaware/Lenape History and Culture


Culture, history and genealogy of the Lenni Lenape Delaware tribe of Native Americans. Includes a ... Lenape Indian gender, sex, and childbearing traditions.

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The three traditional divisions of the Leni Lenape were the Munsee, Unami, and the Unalactigo who spoke in different dialects and lived in different locations.

A Few Traditional Games | Nanticoke and Lenape Confederation


May 12, 2010 ... A Few Traditional Games - . Learning ... Nanticoke Indian Tribe · Nanticoke Lenni -Lenape Tribal Nation · Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware.

The Playwickian : Lenape traditions: Then and now


Dec 20, 2013 ... By Colleen Harley Copy Editor. The Lenni Lenape tribe has a lot of historical significance in the Neshaminy community, considering that the ...

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The Original People (Lenni-Lenape) inhabited New Jersey long before the Europeans arrived. They were a people with a strong sense of tradition ( Lenape  ...

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Apr 25, 2013 ... We are a group of Amish with Lenni Lenape ancestors. ... Nanticoke Lenni- Lenape Teach Traditions through Annual Pow-Wow - Duration: 3:23 ...
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Jun 29, 2015 ... The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe held its annual pow-wow, a spiritual celebration. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily videos: ...
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Nov 27, 2011 ... The designation “Lenni Lenape” means “True Men.” ... below the squiggle is a brief description of the traditional culture of the Lenni Lenape.

Delaware/Lenape Legends, Myths, and Traditional Indian Stories


This is our collection of Delaware (Lenape) folktales and traditional stories that can be read online. We have .... Lenni Lenape myths about the origin of fire.

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The Lenni Lenape believed the great spirit Kishelemukong, also called Kitanitowit, ... Lenape spiritual tradition holds that many spirits, both good and evil , ...