The Lenape (/ləˈnɑːpi/) are a Native American tribe and First Nations band ... Lenni-Lenape (or Lenni-Lenapi) comes from their autonym, Lenni, which may ...

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The Story of Creation Creation An early account told how Tantaque took a piece of coal out of the fire where he sat, and began to write upon the floor. He first ...

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Nov 27, 2011 ... Among the Lenni Lenape there was a confederation of towns and villages. ... According to their oral traditions, hunting on a full stomach would ...

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Information about the Delaware or Lenni Lenape Indians of New Jersey for students and ... however, Lenape traditions of canoe-building have mostly been lost.

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Lenape Indians and their eminence among American Indians as the ... These communities were known as the Lenni Lenape Indians / Delaware Indians, ...

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The Lenni Lenape believed the great spirit Kishelemukong, also called Kitanitowit, ... have preserved many original spiritual traditions, songs and dances.

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Culture, history and genealogy of the Lenni Lenape Delaware tribe of Native Americans. Includes a ... Lenape Indian gender, sex, and childbearing traditions.

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Lenni Lenape myths about the origin of fire. * The Meesink Story * The Masked Being * Msiingw and the Big House: Lenape Delaware myths about Mesingw.

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Introduction to the Lenni Lenape, or Delaware Indians .... The Lenapes appear to be called the “original people” because many of the oral traditions handed ...

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Traditions of the Lenape Indians. The Lenape, a name ... Lenape Indians participate in a colorful variety of traditions. ... Facts About the Lenni Lenape Tribe  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Who are Lenni Lenape Indians?
A: The Lenni Lenape Indians are the first people who visited America. They came to America by a strip of land that connected Asia to Alaska. Now that piece of land... Read More »
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Q: What is the language spoken in lenni lenape?
A: the were an algonquian speaking tribe. Read More »
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Q: What does Lenni Lenape mean?
A: Lenni-Lenape, or Lenape is what a group of Native Americans called themselves, linguistically of Algonq... Read More »
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Q: What is Lenni Lenape jewelry like.
A: In the Delaware Indian tribe of the Lenni Lenape, hunters wore deer hides as Read More »
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Q: How would you describe Lenni Lenape music?
A: I'm doing homework and i need 2-3 sentences describing Lenni Lenape music back then. I have no idea how to describe it so i need your help. -P.S. please don't g... Read More »
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