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Life on the goldfields: living there. Mineral Resources. Oh, who would paint a goldfield,. And limn the picture right;. (from 'The Roaring Days' by Henry Lawson).


The late 1850s and the early 1860s brought in a gradual change to life on the diggings. After the first rush, with all its excitement, families began to drift into the  ...


George, I tell you this mining among the mountain's is a dog's life. ... But everything in the diggings cost too much: a dollar a pound for potatoes, eggs at fifty cents ...


A Travelling Exhibition presented by the. National Library of Australia and Sovereign Hill. LIFE ON THE DIGGINGS. 1851 ~ 1855. National Library of Australia.


Life of a Forty-Niner ... Thousands of miners died on the journey or in the diggings. Many died from disease, or from accidents such as drowning in a river.


Life on the plains and among the diggings (1857) is based largely on letters from Delano published in Ottawa and New Orleans newspapers of the day (see ...


Life on the diggings was hardly glamorous. The goldfields offered few, if any, creature comforts. For the most part, diggers lived under roughly constructed ...


Mar 19, 2013 ... Food on the Goldfields What types of foods were eaten during the gold rush? What utensils were used to cook with? What was life like for a ...


Summary: Life in the Goldfields. Name. Date. Find and underline each vocabulary word. technology noun, the use of tools and scientific knowledge to get things.