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Light bulb shapes, sizes, lighting bases, light bulbs definitions glossary of terms and reference, light bulb dictionary, terminology lighting.

Glossary of Lighting Terms | Light bulbs Direct


Aluminium reflector. Many spot and flood lamps are manufactured using a thin film of reflective aluminium deposited on the inside of the glass. Unlike dichroic ...

Glossary of Light Bulb Terms by Matt Jacks - the Natural Handyman


Light bulbs themselves may be quite simple in operation, but there is such a range of options out there that it can get quite bewildering at times. How many times ...

Lighting Glossary | GE Lighting North America


Find answers in the GE Lighting glossary when you need to understand ... What compact fluorescent light bulb do I buy to replace a 60-, 75-, 100- or 150-watt ...

Lightopedia.com - Glossary of terms


In incandescent light sources, argon retards evaporation of the filament. .... for a complete light source package, typically referred to by consumers as a "bulb".

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Lighting Terminology. ... Lighting Terminology. Color Temperature Explained · Color Rendering Index (CRI) Explained · Light Bulb Base Types ...

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Light-bulb definition, an electric light. ... British Dictionary definitions for light bulb ... Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition

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An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of light bulbs have failed, when operated at nominal light bulb voltage and current; ...

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Discover the future of home lighting, LED and CFL light bulbs, and home lighting design ideas. Exchange your old light bulbs and save money with energy ...

CFL Glossary | Products | ENERGY STAR


Base, End of the light bulb that inserts into the lamp socket. Ballast, A collection of electronic parts that regulates the electric current through a fluorescent lamp.

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