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Light bulb shapes, sizes, lighting bases, light bulbs definitions glossary of terms and reference, light bulb dictionary, terminology lighting.

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Furthermore, heating alabaster for long periods of time with a high-wattage light bulb may drive out the residual water in the alabaster and turn it completely ...

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Light bulbs themselves may be quite simple in operation, but there is such a range of options out there that it can get quite bewildering at times. How many times ...

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Lowel.com >> Lowel EDU Home >> Glossary of Lighting Terms .... is not blocked and the Aperture is usually smaller. Bulb The "glass" part only of a photo Lamp.

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An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of light bulbs have failed, when operated at nominal light bulb voltage and current; ...

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In incandescent light sources, argon retards evaporation of the filament. .... for a complete light source package, typically referred to by consumers as a "bulb".

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A light bulb glossary covering common lightbulb terms and their definitions.

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Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) – Small fluorescent bulbs that can often be used in a standard medium-base socket. CFLs use 20-40% less electricity than ...



Base, End of the light bulb that inserts into the lamp socket. Ballast, A collection of electronic parts that regulates the electric current through a fluorescent lamp.

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The human eye is a very complex device. The manufacturers of light bulbs have developed means of measuring light that are meaningful to them, but are not ...

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Lighting can be an immensely tricky business - 'light bulb' jokes exist for a reason , ... Well, to help make things a little easier, we've included a full list of glossary ...

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Lighting Terminology. ... Lighting Terminology. Color Temperature Explained · Color Rendering Index (CRI) Explained · Light Bulb Base Types ...

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Find definitions in our comprehensive lighting glossary. ... A style of bulb base which uses keyways instead of threads to connect the bulb to the fixture base.