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This article lists characters from the adult animated series American Dad! alongside .... Not confined to his fishbowl, Klaus is often seen uniquely scooting himself ... Because of this, Stan inform...

Lindas reaction when she discovers Willy is trying to kill himself is to


Try to protect him but to also try not to embarrass him. .

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What was Linda's reaction when she discovers Willy is trying to kill himself in ... When did biff discover that willy was having an affair in Death of a Salesman?

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Linda looks for Willy and finds him talking to himself outside. ... Willy asks Linda if she still has the diamond watch fob that Ben gave him when he visited. ... Linda tells the boys that Willy has attempted to commit suicide several times. ... Biff's comment that Willy is a "fake" startles Linda, but her reaction is mute...

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Excited by the prospects of the "Florida idea," Willy tells Linda that he wants to buy some ... She is disappointed to hear that Biff was the one who removed it the night before. ... mood, Linda had allowed herself a dream of her own: that Willy has given up suicide. ... Willy tries to praise the device, but Howard shushes him...

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Linda says that Willy is dying and that he's been trying to kill himself. ... Biff finds Willy's rubber tubing behind the heater, and is horrified. ... When she tells Biff that he cannot love her if he does not love Willy, Linda essentially chooses her ...

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She explains that all of his automobile accidents are actually failed suicide attempts. ... Linda tries to offer support, but Willy tells her several times to be quiet .

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To Linda's considerable chagrin and bewilderment, Willy's family, Charley, and Bernard ... She wonders where all his supposed business friends are and how he could have killed himself when they were so close to paying off all of their bills.

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Willy tries to convince imaginary Linda of the scheme, but she insists Willy's job and life are .... Biff finds his dad out back on his hands and knees planting seeds. ... Unwilling to react to Biff's attempts to say good-bye, Willy keeps asking about Oliver (which is ... Biff whips out the piping that his father tried to kill h...

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Linda is harsh on her sons, accusing them of being ungrateful and oblivious. She points out that Willy's been trying to kill himself in car "accidents" and such.