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Q: Can anyone give me a list of ancient civilizations that had democ...
A: The only one I know about is Athens, a Greek City State that had a true Democracy for a number of Centuries. Only Citizens could vote and go to school and a Cit... Read More »
Q: List the inventions of ancient Chinese civilizations?
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A: Notitia Dignitatum. Read More »
Q: What Were the Seven Ancient Civilizations?
A: Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt dates back to circa 3100 B.C. and remained intact for almost 3,000 years, until Alexander the Great conquered it in 332 B.C. With s... Read More »
Q: Which is the most ancient civilization in the earth?
A: I am going to add just a little to. Isaac Lewis. 's answer, since he is pretty much on the mark. . The earliest American civilizations starting with Mayan, begi... Read More »