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A List of Animals That Lay Eggs
Many animals lay eggs, ranging from the extinct dinosaurs all the way to ducks, sea turtles and turkeys. You wonder why turkey eggs aren't filling the baskets of grocery stores the way chicken eggs do. Turkeys require a lot more space for nesting, which... More »
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List of monotremes and marsupials


The class Mammalia (mammals) is divided into two subclasses based on reproductive techniques: egg-laying mammals (monotremes) and mammals which give ...

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Most species of fish, amphibians, all birds, reptiles and most insects and arachnids lay eggs. In most reptiles and birds, fertilisation of the ovum is what produces ...

List of Oviparous Animals (with Pictures) | eHow


These birds spend a lot of time caring for their young to help the species stay alive. In contrast, birds who lay 10 or more eggs, including the Mandarin duck, have ...

Egg Laying Mammals List and Facts with Pictures - Like


Mostly the mammals give birth to babies but only a few egg laying mammals can also be found on earth whose pictures and facts list is given.

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Animal Database Online. Learn About Hundreds of Different Animals In Our Animal Database. Select An Animal Type Below To Begin FREE Animal Database ...

Animals from Eggs Teacher Notes


animals lay eggs? Have the children ever seen their eggs? Tell them we use commas to separate items in a list. Ask the children to describe what is happening ...

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Mar 1, 2012 ... Animals use eggs in one form or other; however, most are not very... ... Most sharks and skates lay strangely shaped eggs sometimes called a ... In some species, the male and female might never even meet each other.

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It's one of two types of primitive egg-laying mammals, or monotremes. .... we have since been in the forefront of captive research and breeding of this species.

Egg Laying Mammals


The duck-billed platypus and the spiny anteater are mammals that lay eggs rather than give live birth. The platypus has a bill like a duck, fur like a mammal and ...

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Q: A List of Animals That Lay Eggs.
A: Chickens allow you to easily gather their eggs. A female chicken that has reached maturity is called a hen. Hens can live to be well over 15 years of age and wi... Read More »
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Q: Is There And A To Z List Of Animals That Lay Eggs?
A: Yes Read More »
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Q: A List of Animals That Lay Eggs.
A: Many animals lay eggs, ranging from the extinct dinosaurs all the way to ducks, sea turtles and turkeys. You wonder why turkey eggs aren't filling the baskets o... Read More »
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Q: List animals that lay eggs?
A: birds, platypus, reptiles, and amphibians Read More »
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Q: List All The Animals That Lay Eggs?
A: Hens, Ostrich are some animals which lay eggs. Read More »
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