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Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms, and in doing so, .... Ecosystem ecology · Ecosystem model · Keystone species · List of feeding behaviours ·...



What is a decomposer? Decomposers are the last stop on the food chain, they eat the things no one else wants to. Decomposers many times eat dead things ...

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Decomposers break down the organic matter in the... ... Examples of Decomposers · List of Decomposers in the Ocean · List of Producers or a Decomposers ...

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Fungi, worms, bacteria, snails and slugs are all types of decomposers. Decomposers get the nutrients they need by eating dead and decaying materials. ... List of Decomposers · Decomposers Found in a Grassland Ecosystem · List of Animal ...

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Jul 29, 2015 ... Decomposers are an often overlooked part of the natural world, but their job is an important one. Learn what decomposers are, what role they ...

Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers in the forest community


Producers are any kind of green plant. Green plants make their food by taking sunlight and using the energy to make sugar. The plant uses this sugar, also ...

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Decomposers and scavengers break down dead plants and animals. They also break down the waste (poop) of other organisms. Decomposers are very ...

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Amazon Animals: Decomposers. Decomposers eat dead organic matter. Termites, earthworms, and fungi are some of the decomposers that live in the Amazon ...

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Mar 16, 2005 ... The dead bodies of plants and animals are a rich source of organic matter that provides nutrition for many insects called saprophages (from the ...

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What do you do with your garbage? Do you just throw it away or do you recycle it ? Recycling helps us make good use of our resources. In nature there are lots of  ...

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Decomposers include certain types of bacteria, worms, slugs, snails and fungi. ... List of Decomposers · List of Animal Decomposers · List of Decomposers in the ...

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Some decomposers in the ocean include fungi in the genera Lindra and Lulworthia, the bacteria Vibrio furnissii, shipworms, nematodes and amoebas.

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Oct 20, 2011 ... List atleast 8 consumers, 8 producers, and 1 decomposer? Pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee.