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List of natural phenomena


A natural phenomenon is an observable event which is not man-made. Examples include: sunrise, weather, fog, thunder, tornadoes; biological processes, ...

30 Natural Phenomena You Won't Believe Actually Exist - BuzzFeed


May 21, 2014 ... Earth is more bizarre than you can ever imagine. Inspired by this Reddit thread...

23 of the Realest and Craziest Natural Phenomena Around the ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... To break the ignorance and your fear about what's happening around you, check out this list of bizarre natural phenomena that'll tickle your ...

10 Ridiculously Cool Natural Phenomena - Listverse


Apr 28, 2013 ... Here's another phenomenon that has to do with ice crystals in the .... There's no need to force a punchline into every item in a list; let the content ...

Spooky! Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena - LiveScience


Mar 24, 2016 ... Science is powerful, but it cannot explain everything. And in the vacuum of facts, some strange ideas develop.

Incredible natural phenomena around the world - Business Insider


Aug 11, 2015 ... Some of these natural phenomena are so bizarre that it can be tough to believe they exist, but the breathtaking and eerie wonders reveal ...

Natural Phenomena | List of Rare Occurrences In Nature - Ranker


This natural phenomena list chronicles some of the most stunning, and rare, occurrences in nature (with photos). The natural world is packed to the brim with  ...

The 7 strangest natural phenomena unexplained by science


Jul 6, 2014 ... A list of the 7 strangest natural phenomena that continue to elude the greatest scientific minds of modern times.

10 Amazing Phenomena of a Normal Human Mind - Top Ten Lists


Clustering Illusion. Source The clustering illusion is the illusion that random events which occur in clusters are not really random events. The illusion is due to a ...

35 Incredible Examples of Natural Phenomenon Photography


Jan 29, 2013 ... Here, we come to an end of this list of some of the most incredible and magnificent “natural phenomenon” photography. I hope that these ...

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25 Strange Phenomena Within This Decade That Have Yet To Be ...


Feb 16, 2015 ... Of course, we won't try to explain any of these strange phenomena, but instead list 25 of the most shocking that have occurred during the first ...

Top 10 More Mysterious Phenomena - Listverse


Jul 2, 2013 ... From mysterious creatures to unexplained paranormal phenomena, there's no limit to the mysteries of our world. This is a list compiled of the ...

22 Ridiculously Cool Rare Natural Phenomena That Happen on Earth


Events that are so rare and beautiful that they may seem unbelievable at first but they do happen..for real.