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A list of plants that are used as hallucinogens. Some of them have been used entheogenic for millennia. The plants are listed according to the substances they  ...

9 Mind-Altering Plants | Britannica.com


This Encyclopedia Britannica science list explores 9 plants that affect human mental ... is probably the most-widespread plant with psychoactive properties.

Erowid Psychoactive Plant & Fungi Vaults


Aug 14, 1999 ... Information on the use of a variety of herbs and plants for their spiritual, medicinal , and nutritional value.

Plants that most people don't realize are psychoactive - OUT FRONT


Jan 23, 2014 ... Psychoactive plants are very common in nature, and while cannabis isn't known for much else besides its effects on the brain, many plants ...

Psychoactive Plants


Psychoactive drugs are classified as stimulants, hallucinogens, ... Abbreviated list of plant with known psychoactive properties. 1. Atropa belladonna ...

A Complete List Of Natural Hallucinogens That Come From The ...


There are hundreds of natural psychoactive plants that are found world-wide. A large proportion of these are found in South America and South Africa, which are  ...

Psychoactive Plants - Dictionary definition of Psychoactive Plants ...


Definition of Psychoactive Plants – Our online dictionary has Psychoactive Plants ... Plants containing those compounds are thus known as mind-altering (active) or .... Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Mind-altering and psychoactive plants


Mind-altering and psychoactive plants. Affect performance of brain and central and peripheral nervous system by influencing signal transduction in neurons.

Top 10 Psychoactive Substances Used In Ceremonies - Listverse


May 11, 2008 ... This is a list of entheogens - which, according to Wikipedia are: in the strictest sense, psychoactive ... Plants and herbs have been used for many.

An Arbitrary List of (Mostly) Safe & Effective Psychoactive Plants ...


This file is intended to list all the effective psychoactive plants which are also known to be relatively safe. All the botanicals listed are either ...

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Erowid Psychoactive Vaults : Australian Natural Highs FAQ


If you know of any plants not on this list please post on alt.drugs and we will expand the list. DISCLAIMER ---------- The information presented herein is for ...

List of psychoactive plants - DMT-Nexus Wiki


Apr 14, 2014 ... This is a list of plants (flora) which contain psychoactive drugs. Psychoactive plants have been used traditionally for thousands of years by ...

6 Psychedelic Trips From Legal Drugs You Probably Didn't Know ...


Jun 27, 2014 ... 6 Psychedelic Trips From Legal Drugs You Probably Didn't Know About .... Even a tiny hit of the psychoactive plant from the mint family can send a seasoned tripper to another dimension or time ... + sign up for additional lists.