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Sulfide minerals


The sulfide minerals are a class of minerals containing sulfide (S<sup>2−</sup>) as the major anion. ... This list uses the Classification of Nickel–Strunz (mindat.org, 10 ed,...

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The Sulfide Class minerals comprise an economically important class of minerals . Most major ores of important metals such as copper, lead and silver are ...

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Sulfide mineral, sulfide also spelled Sulphide, any member of a group of compounds of sulfur with one or more metals. Most of the sulfides are simple structurally ...

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Formally, "sulfide" is the dianion, S<sup>2−</sup>, which exists in strongly alkaline aqueous solutions .... To cite this article click here for a list of acceptable citing formats.



The archive half of each hard-rock sulfide core was described on a cruise- specific form (see "Sulfide Logs" in the "Core Descriptions" contents list) and was  ...

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Most sulfides of transition metals are highly insoluble. Thus, CdS, FeS, ZnS, Ag2 S are all insoluble. Arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and lead sulfides are also ...

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Calcium Sulfide, CaS. Calcium Selenide, CaSe. Barium Oxide, BaO. Barium Sulfide, BaS. Barium Selenide, BaSe. Copper(I) Fluoride, CuF. Copper(I) Chloride ...

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Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable, colorless gas with a characteristic odor of rotten eggs ... and potential for human exposure at National Priorities List (NPL) sites.

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sulfide. Add to List... Thesaurus Share It. Definitions of sulfide. 1 ... Hydrogen sulfide is the gas responsible for the rotten egg smell. Fast Food Nation: The Dark  ...

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Sulfide minerals, such as sphalerite, galena, pyrite, and millerite, contain elements combined with the element sulfur. Galena; Pyrite (Chalcopyrite, Bornite,  ...

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Marcasite (FeS. 2. ) Occurrence: Low temperature hydrothermal reduction of iron sulfate. Secondary sulfide mineral in sedimentary rocks ...

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List of Sulfide Compounds, Common Compounds of Sulfide S, Formula, Molecular Weight.

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Description Table of Contents List of Volumes. Volume 61: Sulfide Mineralogy and Geochemistry David J. Vaughan, editor. 2006 i-xiii + 714 pages.